MIA: Administrative: Honors

Order of MIA

The Administrators’ Committee of the Marxists Internet Archive hereby recognizes the extraordinary contributions of volunteers whose efforts have proven vital to the continued existence of the archive. In recognition of their work, we confer upon these individuals the virtual award of   The Order of MIA.

April 2008

virtual award

Ibne Hasan: MIA Administrator Hasan has added numerous important texts to the Marxists Internet Archive over the course of his years of involvement with the MIA collective. In 2006, he made one of the most significant contributions in the history of MIA by presenting the first ever Urdu translation of Marx’s Capital, Vol. I. Aided by volunteer Imtiaz Hussain, the effort to prepare this monumental text took over two years to complete. Unlike any other previous translation of Marx in any language, this translation was first published free to the public domain in electronic form on the World Wide Web.

Hasan also distributes MIA CDs and DVDs to workers and students in Pakistan and neighboring areas.

Hasan’s efforts have ensured that the most essential texts of political economy are now readily available in a region in which knowledge and theory are vital to the revolutionary movement.


April 2007

virtual award

Brian Baggins and Trevor Schroeder: Beginning in early January 2007, MIA began experiencing a series of sustained Denial of Service attacks which would ultimately cripple our server and cease day-to-day operations for an extended period of time. From the early days of the attack onward, Brian and Trevor worked doggedly to insure that the Marxists Internet Archive remained online through its mirrors while simultaneously battling the attackers and working to configure a new server and new web hosting for MIA. Their ongoing efforts serve to insure that MIA remains available to millions upon millions of workers and students worldwide.