James P. Cannon

Daily Strike Bulletin

Minneapolis – August 13, 1934

Thanks to Pine County Farmers

Thanks to the historians at the Minnesota Historical Society for help in locating the The Daily Strike Bulletins of General Drivers Local 574 and other documents from the 1934 Truckers Strike

CHICKEN dinner was served to 3,000 by the commissary department at strike headquarters yesterday, the twenty-eighth day of the greatest strike Minneapolis ever saw. The fraternal alliance of the farmers and the workers in a struggle against a common enemy was vividly demonstrated as the embattled workers lined up at the commissary for the sumptuous banquet prepared for them today through the generosity of the farmers supporting the strike.

The luscious young chickens, which constituted the puce de resistance of the banquet, were donated by Pine County farmers, members of the Pine County Farm Holiday Association, at whose picnic President Brown was the invited guest speaker Sunday.

It was a meal fit for a king - or a union man. Besides the chicken the menu consisted of mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, radishes, celery, bread, butter and milk, coffee or buttermilk. Even the truck drivers, helpers and inside men-all fat and overfed from the high living they have enjoyed on the big wages the bosses paid before the strike-had to admit that this feed was just a little better than even they are used to.

A few pickets, recently released from the military stockade, never said a word but just quietly concentrated on the job of stowing away the chow, like men whose dream had come true.

It was one of the “high” days of the strike. A festive spirit prevailed around strike headquarters. Everybody was happy, well-fed and confident of victory. Even the union mascot, the little white pig with the number “574” painted in red on his sides, scampered around more frisky than ever, in honor of the day.

The strikers of Local 574 warmly appreciate the generosity of the farmers and their fine solidarity in this struggle. Thanks. Brothers! The bosses give us baloney when we are working; you give us chicken when we are out on strike!


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