Tony Cliff

Obituaries & Biographical Notes


Tony Cliff: A life in the struggle, by Ian Birchall (from Socialist Worker, 21 June 2011)

Tony Cliff remembered, by Ian Birchall (from Socialist Review, April 2010)

Tony Cliff matters for socialists today, by Alex Callinicos (from Socialist Worker, 23 May 2017)

Tony Cliff: A Political Appreciation, by Ted Crawford (from What Next, 2000)

Obituary: Tony Cliff, by Paul Foot (The Guardian, 11 April 2000)

Tony Cliff: ‘He sensed before anyone else the need for change’, by Duncan Hallas (Socialist Review, May 2000)

Tony Cliff 1917–2000 – the pilot who weathered the storm, by Chris Harman (from Socialist Worker, 14 April 2000)

Tony Cliff – a life for revolution, by Phil Hearse (Green Left, 19 April 2000)

Tony Cliff: a man of his time, by Jim Higgins (Weekly Worker, 19 April 2000)

Tony Cliff, 1917–2000, by David McNally (Against the Current, September–October 2000)

The Great Gadsby: The paradoxes of Tony Cliff, 1917–2000, by Sean Matgamna (<Workers’ Liberty, 2000)

Tony Cliff: theory and practice, by John Rees (International Socialism, Summer 2000)

Tony Cliff: revolutionary theory and practice, by John Rees (Counterfire, 8 April 2020)

A revolutionary life, by Ygal Sarneh (Yediot Aharanot, 4 October 1991/International Socialism, Summer 2000)

Obituary: Tony Cliff (Ygael Gluckstein) 1917–2000, by Martin Shaw (Martin Shaw Website, April 2000)

Tony Cliff: a Marxist for his time, by Ian Taylor (Socialist Review, July/August 2011)

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