Tony Cliff

A World to Win


Many people have helped me in the preparation of this book. Worried that my memory may play tricks on me, I checked details of the story with a number of comrades; Roger Cox, Claire Dissington, Paul Foot, Phil Marfleet and Jim Nichol. I have a particularly great debt to Ian Birchall, whose memory is phenomenal – while the ancestors of human beings are generally apes, his ancestors were elephants. Many thanks are due to Chris Bambery, Alex Callinicos, Lindsey German, Chris Harman, Dave Hayes, John Rees, Pat Stack, Sean Vernell and Julie Waterson for advice and suggestions. Chanie Rosenberg deserves a special thanks for participating in the editing of the manuscript and typing it. Thanks are also due to Donny Gluckstein for expert critical comments and many valuable stylistic suggestions, to Dave Renton for compiling the index, and to Rob Hoveman for very efficiently seeing the book through to publication.


Last updated on 19.12.2004