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The Daniel De Leon Internet Archive (DDLIA) presents the works listed below through courtesy of the Socialist Labor Party of America. The SLP (established 1877) has graciously agreed to allow the Marxists Internet Archive to mirror these files on the DDLIA.

The works assembled here have been transcribed from newspapers and other periodicals that De Leon edited or for which he wrote. Most come directly from bound volumes of The People (established as a New York weekly on April 5, 1891) and the New York Daily People (1900-1914).

The SLP endeavors to make this Internet collection the first truly comprehensive library of De Leon’s works. Additions to the collection are being made once or twice a month. Robert Bills, currently national secretary of the SLP and acting editor The People, is responsible for the work and can be contacted at

These documents currently appear in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. To read or display them you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (or Exchange) installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is available FREE for Windows, Macintosh or UNIX operating systems.

As our contribution to bringing De Leon’s works to the Internet, the DDLIA will begin the process of converting these files into HTML for easier viewing on the World Wide Web. Both PDF and HTML will be available for all the files. Currently the PDF library is quite large and growing, and is actually bigger than our HTML library.

Biography of Daniel De Leon

The works listed below are in HTML.
A far larger list of works by D. De Leon in PDF format is located here

1884: A Specimen of Mr. Blaine’s Diplomacy: Is He a Safe Man to Trust as President?
March 1886: The Conference at Berlin on The West-African Question
1889 08/09: The Voice of Madison
1894 09/09: Social Character of Machinery (Editorial)
1895 04/28: Equality Before the Law (Editorial)
1895 08/11: A Test Point (Editorial)
1895 10/20: Conservatism (Editorial)
1896 01/26: Reform or Revolution?
1896 03/20: A Word to the Proletariat of Spain (Editorial)
1896 06/20: Our Political Equinoctial Storms (Editorial)
1898 02/11: What Means This Strike?
1898 06/26: Throwing Washington Overboard
1900 07/26: Patriotism and Poverty (Editorial)
1900 07/30: Race Riots (Editorial)
1900 12/25: For A Merry Christmas (Editorial)
1902 11/05: Labor Represented? (Editorial)
1902 12/06: The Public Good (Editorial)
1903 06/06: Sailing Under False Colors (Editorial)
1904 04/21: The Burning Question of Trade Unionism
1904 04/25: Lo, the Poor Inventor! (Editorial)
1905 03/04: A Mission of the Trades Union (Editorial)
1905 03/19: The ‘Intellectual’ (Editorial)
1905 06/27: The Chicago Convention (Editorial)
1905 07/10: Socialist Reconstruction of Society
1905 09/06: Morgan and the ‘Federalist’ (Editorial)
1905 10/03: The Foolishness of the Americans (Editorial)
1906 01/23: Industrialism (Editorial)
1906 04/06: Why Not!? (Editorial)
1906 07/30: The Drug Habit (Editorial)
1906 09/03: Is Socialism Practical? (Editorial)
1906 11/17: The Uses of Competition (Editorial)
1907 06/29: With Marx For Text (Editorial)
1907 07/03: Libeling Their Ancestry (Editorial)
1907 12/07: Yelling For Themselves (Editorial)
1907 xx/07: As To Politics
1908 03/08: Clear the Decks!
1908 11/02: Trimming the Poodle (Editorial)
1909 05/22: The Consumer (Editorial)
1909 08/03: Syndicalism (Article)
1909 12/06: ’Corporations’ and ‘Capitalists’ (Editorial)
1910 08/28: The A.F. of L., What it Says and What it Does (Editorial)
1911 06/21: Demands—’Immediate’ and ‘Constant’ (Editorial)
1911 07/07: A Colonel’s Half-Truths (Editorial)
1912 01/02: Scarcity of ‘Leaders’ (Editorial)
1912 10/20: Brandeis and Efficiency (Editorial)
1912 12/03: Divorce (Editorial)
1913 01/20: Industrial Unionism (Editorial)
1914 02/07: Potato-Bug Exterminator (Editorial)