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Earl C. Ford & William Z. Foster



Written: In English, 1912.
Published: October 15th, 1912.[a]
Source: Scans of the first edition pamphlet.
Public Domain: This work is free of any copyright restrictions.
Transcription and Markup: Anonymous Comrades from Leftypol.org, March 2023.


I. The Goal of Syndicalism.

II. The General Strike.

III. The Daily Warfare of Syndicalism

IV. & V. Syndicalism and Political Action.

VI. The Relations of Syndicalism to Anarchism, Socialism and Industrial Unionism.

VII. History of Syndicalism.

VIII. & IX. Syndicalism and the American Labor Movement.



MIA Editor’s Note

[a] The pamphlet was first advertised for sale in the October 15th 1912 issue of The Agitator.


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