Works of William Z. Foster

Strike Strategy

Pamphlet issued by the Trade Union Educational League, 1926

The Trade Union Educational League was an opposition movement within the AFL initiated by the CP’s William Z. Foster in 1920 to fight for industrial unionism, a class-struggle program to fight the bosses, membership control of the unions and creation of a labor party. It played a crucial role in turning militants away from the dual unionism previously dominant among radicals in the U.S., but in the late 1920’s was turned in a sectarian direction by the then-Stalinized CP leadership.—Editor

Written: 1926;
Source:TUEL Labor Herald Library pamphlet;
Transcription\HTML Markup:Andrew Pollack.

Chapter I. Strikes
Chapter II. Problems of Solidarity
Chapter III. Militant Leadership
Chapter IV. Organize the Unorganized
Chapter V. In the Strike Struggle
Chapter VI. In the Strike Struggle (continued)
Chapter VII. On Ending Strikes