Henryk Grossman 1929-1932

Fragments on criticisms of
‘Law of Accumulation’

Source: Rick Kuhn 'Economic crisis and socialist revolution: Henryk Grossman’s Law of accumulation, its first critics and his responses’ Paul Zarembka and Susanne Soederberg (eds) Neoliberalism in crisis, accumulation and Rosa Luxemburg's Legacy: Research in Political Economy 21 Elsevier, Amsterdam 2004 pp. 181-22.
Translated:  Rick Kuhn   
Transcription/Markup:  Steve Palmer
Proofread:  Steve Palmer
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1. Notes on Helen Bauer's review (Excerpt)

2. Notes on Alfred Braunthal's review (Excerpt)

3. Grossman to Paul Mattick Sr, June 21st, 1931 (Excerpt) 

4. Further Developments in Marxism to the Present (Excerpt)