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Mike Kidron

1930 – 2003

Michael Kidron was a leading theoretician of the British Socialist Review Group and its successor, the International Socialists, from the mid-1950s, when he joined the group, until the mid-1970s, when he dropped out of active politics. In particular he developed the theory of the Permanent Arms Economy as an explanation of the long post-war boom. Another important contribution was a critique of Lenin’s Imperialism, or rather of the way it was (and is) interpreted by many socialists. He was later managing editor of Pluto Press, one of the most influential socialist imprints in Britain.

Introduction, by Richard Kuper

At the moment the following texts are available:

Socialist Review 1954:

January 1954

Soccer for Suckers

Feb.–Dec. 1954

Our Programme (series)

February 1954

Hands Off the Egyptian Workers

March 1954

Letter to the Socialist Review

April 1954

Class “Democracy” in Kenya

July 1954

Her Majesty’s Humble Petitioners

August 1954

The Steel Scandal

September 1954

Atomic Warfare and Disarmament

Appendix: Why Not to Rearm Germany, by Stan Newens

October 1954

Trade with China – Facts and Phantasy

November 1954

For Democracy Within the Labour Movement

Socialist Review 1955:

January 1955

Interview with Dick Barrett

January 1955

Jamaicans in Britain

February 1955

The Rail Settlement

March 1955

Imperialism in Rhodesia

March 1955

Profits, Wages & Working Class Tactics

April 1955

The Gold Coast – I

May 1955

The Gold Coast – II

May 1955

Strike in Dockland

November 1955

Same Old Power Politics

November 1955

Workers Must Control the Robot

Socialist Review 1956

January 1956

Mr Big and Mr Small

January 1956

Shop Action Can Beat Tories

February 1956

Socialist Answer to Tory Economics

March 1956

The Choice Before the People of Cyprus – Colony, Enosis or Independence

May 1956

Have K and B Really Buried Stalin?

June 1956

“This Conference ...”

July 1956

Robot Speedup

August 1956

The Robot Front

August 1956

Withdraw the Troops from Cyprus!

September 1956

The Answer to Redundancy

December 1956

Policy for Redundancy

August 1956

Automation (pamphlet)


Problems and patterns of development in overpopulated backward countries with special reference to Indonesia (thesis – extracts)

Socialist Review 1957

January 1957

Nationalisation Is a Class Issue

April 1957

The Industrial Struggle

April 1957

The Mixed Economy

May 1957

The Decline of British Capitalism

June 1957

“Errors” and Labour Leaders, by Seymour Papert

The Criticism Criticized

June 1957

Industrial Notes (with Ron Keating)

Dec. 1957–Sept. 1958

The Fight for Socialism (series)

Socialist Review 1958

February 1958

What sort of paper? by L.J. Atkins + 9 others


International Socialism 1958

Summer 1958

The economic background of the recent strikes

Socialist Review 1959

May 1959

Power at the Top (book review)

June 1959

The Limits of Reform: A Reply to Ken Alexander

May 1959

Rosa Luxemburg the Revolutionary (book review)

November 1959

Labour after the Election: The Future of the Left

Socialist Review 1960

January 1960

After the end of Empire

February 1960

A note on the Limitations of Reforming “Realism”

International Socialism 1960

January 1960

The Flow of Money (book review)

Autumn 1960

Two left feet (book review)

Socialist Review 1961

November 1961

The Strikes I – The Economic Background

December 1961

Tory ‘Planning’

International Socialism 1961

Spring 1961

Washington or Moscow? (book review)

Autumn 1961

Inflation (book review)

Winter 1961

Reform and Revolution – Rejoinder to Left Reformism II

Socialist Review 1962

January 1962

The Left and the Common Market

May 1962

Budget Tricks

International Socialism 1962

Spring 1962

Inside Britain (book review)

Spring 1962

Tunnel or Bridge (book review)

Summer 1962

Imperialism: highest stage but one

International Socialism 1963

Summer 1963

Bright-Wing Boy (book review)

International Socialism 1964

Autumn 1964

Badly Served (book review)

Labour Worker 1962

January 1965

The coming wage freeze

February 1965

All or One?

February 1965

Workers’ Control?

April 1965

The declaration of dependence

May 1965

Counting Out the Bouncers

May 1965

TU Top Brass and Wages Norm

June 1965

Chips Off the Iceberg

June 1965

Normpolitik ...

July 1965

The Wage War Against Incomes

International Socialism 1965

Spring 1965

The Fire Last Time

Spring 1965

International Capitalism

Spring 1965

Letter to Readers on India (editorial)

Summer 1965

C&A Marx (book review)

August 1965

World Trade

Autumn 1965

State Capitalist Handbook

Winter 1965/66

Coal, Gas & Sparks (book review)

Winter 1965/66

Crooked Sixpence (book review)

Winter 1965/66

Manual in Mufti (book review)

International Socialism 1966

Spring 1966

Centre for Socialist Education (discussion document)

Spring 1966

Some Trees, No Wood (book review)

Spring 1966

Whiff of Decay (book review)

Autumn 1966

Pregnant Choice (book review)

Autumn 1966


International Socialism 1967

Spring 1967

A Permanent Arms Economy

Autumn 1967

Indonesian Communists

The Guardian 1968

5 September 1968

Still a chance for the reformers

Socialist Worker 1968

21 September 1968

Czech workers’ spring is crushed by the Russian ice-pack

30 November 1968

Bad Medicine – but only if the workers swallow it

IS Internal Document 1968

October 1968

We Are Not Peasants

International Socialism 1968

Spring 1968

Marx’s Theory of Value

Autumn 1968


Socialist Worker 1969

22 May 1969

Hunger for capital means new freeze and squeeze for workers

3 July 1969

Tropical Trotskyism

International Socialism 1969

April 1969

Maginot Marxism: Mandel’s Economics

October 1969



Western Capitalism Since the War (book – 1st part)

International Socialism 1971

February 1971

SALT in the wounds

March 1971

Memories of Development

International Socialism 1973

March 1973

For Every Prince There is a Princess

International Socialism 1977

July 1977

Two insights don’t make a theory


The State of the World Atlas (with Ronald Segal)

Socialist Register 2002


The Injured Self

International Socialism 2002

Winter 2002

Failing growth and rampant costs: two ghosts in the machine of modern capitalism

International Socialism 2019


Introduction to Modern capitalism & The crisis, by John Rudge

5 July 1977

Modern capitalism
          Introduction, by Alex Callinicos

7 July 1977

The crisis

November 2019

The Presence of the Future (Extracts) (unfinished book)

International Socialism 2020

Autumn 2020

Paradox upon paradox: fractal states and their making
          Introduction, by Joseph Choonara


From Against the Current, by Samuel Farber

From The Guardian, by Richard Kuper

From Socialist Review, by Chris Harman

From Socialist Worker (GB), by Alex Callinicos

From Socialist Worker (US), by Lee Sustar

The Revolutionary, Time Out (1981), by David Widgery

Introduction to Capitalism & Theory (2017), by Richard Kuper

Bibliography (2022) [PDF], by John Rudge

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