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Nadezhda K. Krupskaya




Krupskaya was a Russian revolutionary, writer,
educator and Secretary of the Bolshevik Faction
of the Social Democratic Party. Wife and advisor to
V.I. Lenin. Secretary to the Board of Iskra
beginning in 1901. In 1917, Inessa Armand,
Clara Zetkin, and N. K. Krupskaya pressured Russian
officials to sanction International Women’s Day.
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1898—1916: Letters to V.I. Lenin’s Mother and Sisters Maria & Anna
[From Lenin’s Collected Works, Volume 37 Appendices]

1899: The Woman Worker [PDF]

1921: Taylor’s System and Organizationr

1925: The Lessons of October

1925: Young Pioneers: How Women Can Help

1933: How Lenin Studied Marx

1933: Reminiscences of Lenin

1933: Preface to The Emancipation of Women from The Writings of V.I. Lenin

1924–36: On Communist Ethics

Ilyich’s Favorite Books, from Reminiscences of Lenin by His Relatives

Audio: Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya speaking in 1937. (.mp3 file)


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