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Paul Lafargue (1841-1911), Karl Marx’s son-in-law, was a leading member of the French socialist movement and played an important rôle in the development of the Spanish socialist movement. A close friend of Friedrich Engels in his later years, he wrote and spoke from a fairly orthodox Marxist perspective on a wide-range of topics including women’s rights, anthropology, ethnology, reformism, Millerandism, and economics. For comments contact Einde O’Callaghan.


Paul Lafargue wrote in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Each of these archives has some articles not translated into the other languages.


Survey of the Progress of The International Working Men’s Association, 1866 (see also the French original)
Bourgeois Sentimentalism, 1881
Socialism and Nationalisation, 1882
The Right To Be Lazy, 1883
A Few Words with Mr Herbert Spencer, 1884
Peasant Proprietary in France, 1884
The Tonkin War and Socialism, 1885
A Visit to Louise Michel, 1885
The Decazeville Strike, 1886
The Boulanger Question, 1887
The Morrow of the Revolution, 1887
The Evolution of Property from Savagery to Civilization, 1890
Reminiscences of Marx, 1890
Darwinism on the French Stage, 1890
The Myth of Athena, 1890
The Chino-Japanese War, 1895
Idealism and materialism in the conception of history, 1895
Socialism in France 1874-1896, 1897
The Origin of Abstract Ideas, 1898
Our Goal, 1899
The Bankruptcy of Capitalism, 1900
The Rights of the Horse and the Rights of Man, 1900
The Socialist Ideal, 1900
Socialism and the Intellectuals, 1900
The Boycott, 1901
Clericalism and Socialism, 1902
Capitalist Property, 1903
The Historical Method of Karl Marx, 1903
Simple Socialist Truths, 1903
A forecast of the coming revolution, 1904
The Woman Question, 1904
Personal Recollections of Engels, 1905
Socialism and Internationalism, 1905
Social and Philosophical Studies, 1906
Economic Determinism and the Natural and Mathematical Sciences, 1906
Britain coming into line – letter to Quelch, 1906
The law of value and the dearness of commodities, 1908