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From recent literature:

Léopold Lacour, Modern France. Political and Social Problems, Paris, 1909.

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“The Development of Germany as a World Power” (supplement to Annals of the American Academy, January 1910).
!! Nil. An ambassador’s speech!!!

Marcel Dubois, France and Her Colonies, Paris, 1910.

Jean Cruppi, For French Economic Expansion, Paris, 1910.

Jean G. Raffard, Concentration of British Banks, Paris, 1910.

L. Gautier, The Financier State, Paris, 1910.

N.B. || Eduard Driault, The World Today. A Political and Economic Survey, Paris, 1909. (372 pp.)
[A review in the Jahrb\"ucher, Vol. 41, p. 269 speaks in a laudatory tone of this “textbook of world history”, especially the significance of “economic processes for modern politics”.]

Fr. E. Lunge, American Economic Policy, Berlin, 1910.

Godfernaux, French Colonial Railways, Paris, 1911 (439 pp.).

Aug. Terrier and Ch. Mourey, French Expansion. Paris, 1910.

? | Charles Du Hemme, Financial Imperialism. The General Society for the Promotion of French Trade and Industry. Prefaced by a Letter to the Finance Minister, Paris, 1910 (95 pp.)? (Paris, Trade and Financial Review).

J. Bourdeau, Between Two Servitudes (...Socialism... (!!!!) imperialism...), Paris, 1910.

Geoffray Drage, The Imperial Organisation of Trade, London, 1911. (374 pp.)

R. G. Lévy, Banks of Issue, Paris, 1911 (628 pp.).

Marcel Gras, Machinism and Its Consequences.... Paris, 1911. (Thesis.)

|| Edmond Théry, Economic Europe, 2nd edition, Paris, 1911. (332 pp.)

[[DITTO: || ]] Idem. The National Wealth of France, Paris, 1911.

Lucien Hubert, The German Effort, Paris, 1911.

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|| N.B. Jahrb\"ucher, Vol. 42 (1911). N.B. Article by Goldschmidt on agrarian laws and agrarian structure of New Zealand.

Schneider, Jahrbuch der deutschen Kolonien, 4th year, 1911.

Mamroth, Industrial Constitutionalism, Jena, 1911 (review in Volume 43, 1912).

Schachner, The Social Question in Australia and New Zealand, Jena, 1911 (a detailed account in Volume 43, 1912).

Overzier, The American-British Shipping Trust, Berlin, 1912 (4 marks).

Goldschmidt, Concentration in Coal-Mining, 1912 (Baden Higher School Economic Studies).

Ibidem: Briefs, The Alcohol Cartel, 1912.

Hillringhaus, The German Iron Syndicates, Their Development Towards a Single Syndicate, Leipzig, 1912 (3 marks).

Enrico Leone, Expansionism and Colonies, Rome, 1911 (235 pp.), 2 lire.

Jahrb\"ucher, Vol. 44 (=1912, 2):

P. Passama, New Forms of Industrial Concentration, Paris, 1910 (341 pp.), 8.50 francs.

Bosenick, Germany’s New Combined Banking Economy. (Analysis.) Munich, 1912. (366 pp.)

Argentarius, Letters of a Bank Director, Berlin (Bank Publishing House), 1912 (1 mark) (??).

P. Hausmeister, Large-Scale Enterprises and Monopoly in Banking (a popular sketch), Stuttgart, 1912.

Hennebicque Léon, Western Imperialism. The Genesis of British Imperialism, Brussels, 1913 (295 pp., 6 francs) [Vol. 45].

René Pinon, France and Germany. 1870–1913, Paris, 1913.

Smile Becqué, Internationalisation of Capital, Montpellier, 1912 (432 pp.), 6 francs.

B. Ischchanian, Foreign Elements in the Russian National Economy, Berlin, 1913 (300 pp.), 7 marks.
Review in Vol. 47: a good deal on the import of capital.
||| Author estimates Russia’s indebtedness to Western Europe at 6,000 million rubles.

Paul Eckhardt, Studies In World Economy, Bielefeld, 1913 (140 pp.) (2.30 marks).

Fran&ctail;ois Maury, French Securities During the Last Ten Years Paris. 1912. (Ten years’ statistics for capitalists.   A mass of data with percentages and so on. Per cent of guaranteed securities, etc.)



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