Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Telegram to the

Workers and Engineers of the Azneft Trust Baku

Written: 28 April, 1922
First Published: 1942; Published according to the original; signed by Lenin
Source: Lenin’s Collected Works, 2nd English Edition, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1965, Volume 33, page 348
Translated: David Skvirsky and George Hanna
Transcription\HTML Markup: David Walters & R. Cymbala
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On the night of April 9 enemies of the working class tried to destroy the Surakhan oilfields at Bakil by fire. I have learned of instances of extraordinary heroism and courage displayed by the workers and engineers of the oilfields, who localised the fire at tremendous risk to their own lives, and consider it my duty to thank the workers and engineers of the Surakhan oilflelds on behalf of Soviet Russia. These examples of heroism show better than anything else that despite all the difficulties, despite the uninterrupted conspiracies of the whiteguard—Socialist-Revolutionary enemies of the workers’ republic, the Soviet Republic will emerge triumphantly from all difficulties.

V. Ulyanov (Lenin),
Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars