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The Future Belongs to the People

(Speeches made since the beginning of the War)

Spoken: 1914-1916
Edited and Translated: S. Zimand
Publisher: The MacMillan Company, New York, 1918
Transcription/Markup: John Wagner for the Marxists’ Internet Archive
Online Version: Karl Liebknecht Internet Archive (marxists.org) 2002

"The aim of my life is the overthrow of monarchy. As my father, who appeared before this court exactly thirty-five years ago to defend himself against the charge of treason, was ultimately pronounced victor, so I believe the day is not far distant when the principles which I represent will be recognized as patriotic, as honorable, as true."


Preface by Walter E. Weyl
The Man Liebknecht
The First Days
Liebknecht's Visit to Belgium
Did Not Cheer the Kaiser
Liebknecht Disapproves of the Majority Socialists of Germany
The Reichstag Meeting of Dec. 2, 1914
Liebknecht Condemned by His Party
A New Year's Greeting to England
Speech Delivered at the War Meeting of the Prussian Assembly, Mar. 2, 1915
In Defence of Rosa Luxemburg
Liebknecht Called to Army Service
Liebknecht Questions the Government
Liebknecht Expelled from Social Democratic Party
Reichstag Discussion About the Censorship
Justice in Germany in War Time
The Situation in Austria
Education in Germany in War Time
Liebknecht Protests at Being Prevented from Discussing the Submarine Warfare
Reichstag Meeting of March 23, 1916
Liebknecht's Comments on the Imperial Chancellor's Speech, April 5, 1916
Reichstag Meeting, April 7, 1916
Liebknecht's Remarks on the German War Loan, Reichstag Meeting, April 8, 1916
Liebknecht's May Day Manifesto
Liebknecht's May Day 1916 Speech
Liebknecht's Reply to His Judges
Liebknecht's Trial and Release