John Maclean Justice April 1908

Education in Scotland

Source: Justice, 4 April 1908, p. 4;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

Comrade J. Maclean writes on the same side. He says that his branch is unanimously in favour of joining the Labour Party. He assumes that our influence in the trade unions is declining. He adds:-

“The Labour Party is hopelessly Socialist now despite the presence of non-Socialists at present within its Parliamentary Group. The capitalists are driving it into that position willy nilly. Soon after the party took its place in the House an attempt was made by the politicians to separate the ‘innocent’ Labour men from the ‘wicked’ Socialists. This failed. Thereafter an attack was made on Socialism so as to discredit the Labour Party. This succeeded in advertising Socialism. Grayson stood as a Socialist (anti-Marxian however) and won. Curran was attacked as a Socialist and won. Hill was attacked as a Socialist and almost won. Bye-elections seem to assume exaggerated importance in politics, and in these cases so terrified the Liberals and the Tories that they have ever since initiated a tremendous tirade against, not Labourism but Socialism. Not only that; but they will use the Hull resolution from now right on against every Labour candidate and compel him to fight for Socialism. The latest phase has been the attack on the Labour Party’s Unemployed Bill as a Socialist measure. Every step in the House now taken by the group will be attacked as Socialistic. So far as we Social-Democrats are concerned that is very excellent. More power to the Liberals and the Tories. The Conservative candidate in East Renfrewshire his appealed for a unity of the parties against the Socialists. Good Luck to them! If we join the Labour Party, then the enemy will shout more vehemently than ever that the Labour Party is a revolutionary party. And it would not take long to make it so. We Social Democrats, not having Parliamentary duties to attend to would get into the closes touch with the rank and file and make Social-Democrats of them.”