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From the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement

The John Maclean March

Hey Mac did ye see him as he cam in by Gorgie,
Awa ower the Lammerlaw and north o’ the Tay?
Yon man is comin’ and the hale toon is turnin’ oot,
We’re aa’ sair he’ll win back tae Glasga the day.

The jiners and hauders-on are marchin’ fae Clydebank,
Come noo an’ hear him, he’ll be ower thrang tae bide.
Turn oot Jock and Jimmie, leave yer cranes an’ yer muckle gantries
Great John Maclean’s comin’ back tae the Clyde.

Argyle Street and London Road’s the route that we’re mairchin’
The lads frae the Broomielaw are oot tae a man.
Hey, Neil, whaur’s yer hoderums, ye big Hielan teuchter?.
Get yer pipes, mate, and march at the heid o’the clan!

Hallo Pat Malone, I knew ye’d be here, son
The red and green, my lads, we’ll wear side by side,
The Gorbals is his the day and Glasgae belangs tae him,
Noo great John Maclean’s comin’ hame tae the Clyde.

It’s forward tae Glasga Green we’ll mairch in guid order,
Will grips his banner weel, that boy isna blate,
Aye there man, that’s Johnny noo, that’s him, aye, the bonnie fechter
Lenin’s his fere, Mac, and Leibnecht’s his mate.

Tak tent when he’s speakin’ for they’ll mind whit wis said here
In Glasgae our city and the hale world besides.
Tha’s richt, lads, the scarlet’s bonnie, here’s tae ye Hielan’ Shonie!
Oor John Maclean has come hame to the Clyde.

An weel when it’s ower, I’ll awa hame tae Springburn,
Come hame tae yer tea noo, John, we’ll soon hae ye fed!
It’s hard wark the speakin’, an I’m sair ye’ll be tired the nicht,
I’ll sleep on the flair, Mac, and gie John the bed.

The hale city’s quiet noo, It kens that he’s restin’
Hame wi’ his Glasga freens, the fame and their pride.
The red will be worn, my lads, and Scotland will rise again,
Noo great John Maclean has come hame tae the Clyde.