William Morris and E. Belfort Bax

Socialism from the Root Up

Socialism from the Root Up was written jointly by William Morris and E. Belfort Bax as a series to introduce the ideas of contemporary “scientific” socialism to the readers of Commonweal at a time when many of the basic texts were either hard to obtain or had only been published in other languages. The series was published episodically between 1886 and 1888: a historical section in 1886, an introduction to Das Kapital in 1887, and a vision of current and future tendencies in Socialism in 1888.

Morris and Bax revised the series as the basis of the book Socialism: Its Growth and Outcome, published in 1893.

Socialism From The Root Up was transcribed by Adam Moran for the William Morris Internet Archive, a subarchive of the Marxists Internet Archive, in July 1998.