A L Morton 1952

The English Utopia

Source: Book published by Lawrence and Wishart, London, in 1952, republished in 1969 and 1978. Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.



Part I: Poor Man’s Heaven

Chapter I: The Land of Cokaygne
Chapter II: The History of Cokaygne

Part II: The Island of the Saints

Chapter I: More the Humanist
Chapter II: More the Communist

Part III: Revolution and Counter-Revolution

Chapter I: New Atlantis
Chapter II: The Real and the Ideal Commonwealth
Chapter III: Utopia and the Reaction

Part IV: Reason in Despair

Chapter I: The End of Cokaygne
Chapter II: The Bourgeois Hero Reaches Utopia
Chapter III: Gulliver’s Progress
Chapter IV: Berington and Paltock

Part V: Reason in Revolt

Chapter I: Political Justice
Chapter II: The Utopian Socialists
Chapter III: The Book of the Machines

Part VI: The Dream of William Morris

Chapter I: News from Boston
Chapter II: News From Nowhere
Chapter III: Laying the Spectre

Part VII: Yesterday and Tomorrow

Chapter I: Cellophane Utopia
Chapter II: The Machine-Wreckers
Chapter III: The Last Phase

Tailpiece: Cokaygne Fantasy

Appendix: The Land of Cokaygne