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Grandizo Munis

Grandizo Munis




Obituary from Revolutionary History, 1989

A Visit to Munis, by Ernest Rogers, 1989

Biography in Encyclopedia of Marxism


The Bourgeois State in Crisis, 5 April 1937

The Road to Victory Begins with the Revolutionary Front of the Proletariat, 5 April 1937

The Bolshevik-Leninists of Spain Demand Your Aid in the Struggle for the Social Revolution, 29 May 1937

The Programme of the Spanish Bolshevik-Leninists, July 1937

Muniz Describes Role of Loyalist Army Command, February 1939

Spain One Year After Franco’s Victory, August 1940

Mexico After the Elections, September 1940

Siqueiros Is Mexican Agent of the GPU, October 1940

Camacho vs. Almazans – Tempest in Teacup, November 1940

Franco’s Dilemma, February 1941

Who Are Hitler’s Agents in Russia?, November 1941

Grandizo Munis, Answering Charges of Mexican CP, Warns Against GPU Moves, January 1942

Observations on the Guerrillas, March 1944

The Future of the Soviet Union And The Victories of the Red Army, October 1944

A Correction, March 1945

Defense of the Soviet Union and Revolutionary Tactics, March 1945

Relationship of Program to Mass Influence, August 1945

The Fourth International in Danger! (with Natalia Sedova & Benjamin Péret), June 1947

Open letter to the International Communist Party (with Natalia Sedova & Benjamin Péret), June 1947

On Poland, 1980


The Spanish Left in its Own Words

SPAIN: The Politics of the Underground, 1962



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