Articles from Social-Demokraten.

To the Social Democrats of Sweden!

Issue 25 September 1885

Source: Social-Demokraten, 25 September 1885. Written by August Palm and Axel Danielsson;
Translated: by Daniell Brandell;
Transcribed: by Hal Smith;
HTML Mark-up: by Andy Blunden.

A short time ago on the initiative of the Social democratic club in Stockholm, an organisation for giving out a social democratic paper was founded. In the by the organisation taken statutes was decided, that the paper should be edited first, when the numbers of members in the organisation was 500. The statutes decide further, that every member must pay an entrance fee of 1 Krona either immediately or 25 Íre in four consecutive weeks, and then 10 Íre per week until the members of the organisation are 1,000 or until the paper is spread in 3,000 copies. In the countryside can 10 persons form a filial to the main organisation, which sits in Stockholm.

When now the board of the Social Democratic club through authorization decided to edit a test issue, before the in the statutes fixed number of members are filled, this is for the reason that we hope and believe, that the social democratic workers all over the country realise the necessity in having a party organ, which openly and honest work for the realisation of the social democratic state, and that they want to facilitate the responsible work, we have taken upon us, and make an effort to try to reach the prescribed membership number, 500, so that the paper as fast as possible can come out regularly. We encourage You therefore most seriously to forcefully agitate for association to this organisation. The sacrifices, that are demanded from you, are not bigger than You could bare them. It depends on Yourself, if we in this country should have a social democratic party organ. Do not forget, that Sweden is the only civilised country in the world, which lacks a social democratic party organ. This bad condition must be abolished. We are so many, that we with some good will and efforts could bare the sacrifices. And what joy shall it not bring us to through this organ communicate with each other. It should support our struggle, strengthen us in our hope, hold up our courage and make more and more of our brothers the workers, to associate to the social democratic movement. And when this movement grow all the more, should our opponents, the defenders of the present organisation of society, be forced to make the reforms, we social democrats demand.

Therefore party friends, Social democrats! Do Your party duty! We trust upon You!

Hereby we leave the task in Your hands. On Your sympathy and agitation for the paper it depends, if we now shall have a social democratic organ, which belongs to the workers!