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Georgi Plekhanov

Plekhanov looking like Wild Bill Hickhock in broad cowboy hat

1856 – 1918

“There is no historical fact that did not owe its origin to social economics; but it is no less true to say that there is no historical fact that was not preceded, not accompanied, and not succeeded by a definite state of consciousness.”.Materialist Conception of History


Socialism and the Political Struggle, 1883
Programme of Social-Democratic Emancipation of Labour Group, 1884
Our Differences, 1885
Second Draft Programme of The Russian Social-Democrats, 1887
A New Champion of Autocracy, 1889
Speech at the International Workers’ Socialist Congress in Paris, July 1889
For the 60th Anniversary of Hegel’s Death, 1891
The Meaning of Hegel, 1891 (alternative translation of the above by Raya Dunayevskaya)
Essays on the History of Materialism, 1893
Notes on Engels’ Ludwig Feuerbach ..., 1892
Bourgeois of Days Gone By, 1893
The Development of the Monist View of History, 1895
The Bourgeois Revolution. The Political Birth of Capitalism, 1895
Anarchism and Socialism, 1895
Belinski and Rational Reality, 1897
The Materialist Conception of History, 1897
The Initial Phases of the Theory of the Class Struggle, 1898
Conrad Schmidt Versus Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, 1898
Materialism or Kantianism, 1898
On the Role of the Individual in History, 1898
On the Alleged Crisis in Marxism, 1898
Bernstein and Materialism, July 1898
What Should We Thank Him For?, October 1898
Reply to an International Questionnaire from the Newspaper, 1899
The Philosophical and Social Views of Karl Marx, 1899
Historical Materialism and the Arts, 1899
A Critique of Our Critics: Part I: Mr P. Struve in the Role of Critic of the Marxist Theory of Social Development, 1899
Cant Against Kant, 1901
On Croce’s book, 1901
Preface to the Third Edition of Engels’ Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, 1902
Synopsis of Lecture ‘Scientific Socialism and Religion’, 1904
Preface to the 2nd Edition of Engels’ Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy, 1905
French Drama and Painting of the 18th Century, 1905
Socialism and Internationalism, 1905
Materialism Yet Again, 1906
Fundamental Problems of Marxism, 1907
Materialismus Militans: Reply to Mr Bogdanov, 1907
On A. Pannekoek’s Pamphlet, 1907
Reply to Questionnaire From the Journal Mercure de France on the Future of Religion, 1907
Joseph Dietzgen, 1907
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Death of Karl Marx, 1907
On Franz Lütgenau’s Book, 1908
Ibsen, Petty Bourgeoise Revolutionist, 1908
Henri Bergson, 1909
On Mr V. Shulyatikov’s Book, 1909
On Mr Guyau’s Book, 1909
On the So-Called Religious Seekings in Russia, 1909
On Mr Windelband’s Book, 1910
On the Study of Philosophy, 1910
Cowardly Idealism, 1910
Scepticism in Philosophy, 1911
On Mr Heinrich Rickert’s Book, 1911
On Emile Boutroux’s Book, 1911
Art and Social Life, 1912
Letter to Jules Guesde, 27 October 1912
Utopian Socialism in the Nineteenth Century, August-September 1913
      A: British Utopian Socialism
      B: French Utopian Socialism
      C: German Utopian Socialism
      French Utopian Socialism
Preface to Abram Deborin’s Book An Introduction to the Philosophy of Dialectical Materialism, 1916
From Idealism to Materialism: Hegel and Left Hegelians — Feuerbach, 1915–1917
Dialectic and Logic

Selected Philosophical Works

Volume 1. Socialism and the Political Struggle
Volume 2. Essays on the History of Materialism
Volume 3. Criticism of Idealism and Defence of Marxists Philosophical Ideas in his Writings of 1904-13
Volume 4. Writings on the History of Philosophical Thought in Russia
Volume 5. Aesthetics

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