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Natalia Sedova Trotsky
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Natalia Sedova Trotsky



L.D. Trotsky’s My Life
(Chapter 43: The Exile)
(A selection from L.D. Trotsky’s autobiography written almost entirely by Natalia Sedova Trotsky)

Sergei Trotsky Jailed by Stalin Bureaucrats (1935)

Father and Son (1940)

How it Happened (1940)

Natalia’s Letter to Cardenas (1940)

Natalia Trotsky Answers a Foul Slander (1940)

Letter to Fourth International (1940)

Natalia’s Thanks to All Who Shared Her Grief (1940)

Who Defends the Terrorists? (1941)

Connection Between Siqueiros and Jacson (1941)

Natalia Trotsky Exposes New Plot to Free Jacson (1941)

Catastrophe Faces USSR as Result of Stalin’s Rule (1941)

Natalia Trotsky’s Views on Malamuth’s Editing (1941)

Mr. Davies and the Moscow Trials (1941)

A Letter from Natalia (1944)

Letter from Natalia (1944)

A Message From Natalia Sedov Trotsky (1945)

Statement of Trotsky’s Widow on His Biography of Stalin (1946)

Stalinist Assassins Must Be Made to Stand Trial! – Natalia Trotsky (1947)

Stalin’s Guilt (1947)

The Fourth International in Danger! (with G. Munis & Benjamin Péret) (1947)

Open letter to the International Communist Party (with Benjamin Péret & G. Munis) (1947)

Natalia Trotsky Raps Fraud in Times Story (1948)

New GPU Slander Drive Is in the Making (1948) (from Labor Action)
Fabrication of a Trotsky ‘Testament’ (1948) (from The Militant)

Resignation from the Fourth International (1951)

Corrections to France-Soir Interview (1961)

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The Barta – Sedova Letters (1946–49)

Pamphlet on Sedova’s relationship with the Fourth International (published by Pluto Press and undated.)


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