Leon Trotsky


Members of St. Petersburg Soviet

Part of the First St. Petersburg Soviet of Workers Deputies in 1905
Trotsky is in the middle row, fourth from the left.

Written: 1907-1909
First Published: 1907 as part of Our Revolution; 1909 in German; 1922, first full edition, revised, in Russian. This edition by Vintage, by permission of Ralph Schoenman
Translated: Anya Bostock
Transcription/HTML Markup: David Walters
Proofreading/Correction: Einde O’Callaghan, November 2006
Copyright: Permission granted by Ralph Schoenman for this on-line edition distribution by the Marxists Internet Archive only


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Russia’s Social Development and Tsarism Russian Capitalism

Russian Capitalism

The Peasantry and the Agrarian Question

The Driving Forces of the Russian Revolution

The Spring

January Ninth

The Strike in October

The Creation of the Soviet of Workers’ Deputies

October Eighteenth

Witte’s Ministry

The first Days of the “Freedoms”

The Tsar’s Men at Work

Storming the Censorship Bastilies

Opposition and Revolution

The November Strike

Eight Hours and a Gun

The Peasant Riots

The Red Fleet

On the Threshold of Counter-Revolution

The Last Days of the Soviet


Summing Up


The Proletariat and the Russian Revolution

Our Differences

The Struggle for Power

On the Special Features of Russia’s Historical Development


Instead of a Preface to the Second Part 349

The Trial of the Soviet of Workers’ Deputies

The Soviet and the Prosecution

My Speech Before the Court



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