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Transcriber’s Notes

This transcription of Leon Trotsky’s 1925 Lenin came about through a donation from the personal archives of Asher and Ruth Harer in San Francisco, California. This book is very rare and, to our knowledge, been published only once, by Blue Ribbon Books, a now defunct New York publishing house, in 1925. The translator remains unknown although the title page of the book indicates that this is an “authorized translation”. By whom, we don’t now know. Sections of this book have been republished as pamphlets over the years by the supporters of Leon Trotsky, but this book remained “out of print”, until this electronic version on the Trotsky Internet Archive.

Transcription and HTML markup by David Walters in 2001.


Blue Ribbon Books Publisher’s Introduction
Lenin and the Old Iskra – Part I
Lenin and the Old Iskra – Part II
Before October
The Revolution
Breaking Up the Constituent Assembly
Forming a Government
The Czecho-Slovaks and the Left Social Revolutionaries
Lenin on the Platform
The Philistine and the Revolutionary
Nationalism in Lenin
Lenin Wounded
Lenin Ill
Lenin Dead

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