Leon Trotsky

Nipping a New GPU Lie

(August 1940)

Written: 2 August 1940.
First Published: Fourth International, Vol.1 No.5, October 1940, p.125.
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This letter is a part of a series of letters published in this issue of Fourth International
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August 2, 1940

Dear Friend Charles:

It seems that the Stalinists here are making a new desperate attempt to transform David Siqueiros into my agent.

David Serrano, a member of the Politburo (of the Mexican Communist Party) and one of the prisoners in connection with the (May 24) assault, made a deposition that Diego Rivera and I have given money to David Siqueiros for his paper.

This new construction surely comes from the GPU through the defender of David Serrano, a certain Pavon Flores, a miserable person who is capable of any villany. They will again represent my break with Diego Rivera as fictitious.

In view of the fact that you played a very important role during the period immediately preceding and following the break, it would be a good thing for you to send me an affidavit on this matter. It is not necessary to present a large exposition of various incidents; one or two pages would be sufficient. In view of the fact that the agents of the GPU repeat that I intervened in the presidential campaign, it is necessary not to forget that one of the most important points in my disagreement with Diego Rivera was his adventurous intervention in the presidential campaign.

I would be glad to have your affidavit as early as possible.

Also please give me some information about the situation in general and in the party.

In all friendship, I am,

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