MIA: Encyclopedia of Marxism: Glossary of Periodicals



Dyen (Day)

A daily, published in St. Petersburg from 1912. Among its contributors were the Mensheviks, who took control of the paper after the February revolution of 1917. Closed down by the Revolutionary Military Committee of the Petrograd Soviet on October 26 (November 8), 1917.


Dyelo Naroda (People's Cause)

A daily newspaper, organ of the Centrist group of the S.R. Party, published in Petrograd from March 1917. In June 1917 it had became the organ of the Central Committee of the S.R. Party. The paper supported the Provisional Government, and Kerensky was one of its contributors.

The paper closed in July, 1918, but opened again in October 1918 in Samara, which was captured by the Whiteguard Czechs and S.R. rebels (4 issues were put out), and in March 1919 in Moscow (10 issues were put out), after which the paper was closed down for consistently agitating for the overthrow of the Soviet government.