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The advent of Khruschevite revisionism at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1956 resulted in profound changes throughout the international communist movement. In Britain, the Communist Party of Great Britain was splintered and several party nuclei emerged with differing interpretations of Marxism-Leninism. By 1976, the Communist League was formed by William B. Bland, which was the first Marxist-Leninist organization in Britain to support the Party of Labour (Albania) while repudiating Maoism. The Communist League organization published COMbat from 1976 through to 1991 and Bland was the publication's most prolific contributor.

May 1975: The European Economic Community 2.6 MB PDF

September 1975: Socialism and Fascism/Racism and the Ruling Class 1.4 MB PDF

September 1975: Special Issue - The £6 Confidence Trick 265 KB PDF

December 1975: Special Issue - China: “The War in the Middle East” 10.2 MB PDF

November 1976: Fascism In Italy; It Could Happen Here 2.6 MB PDF

July 1977: Special Issue: The Development of Society - Part One: To Feudalism 18.0 MB PDF


Special Issue: Stalin: The Myth and the Reality 4.4 MB PDF