Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The Communist, 1976-1979


The Communist was the theoretical journal of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

The Communist, Volume 1, #1, October 1976  

“Commodities, Capitalism, Class Divisions–and their Abolition with the Achievement of Communism”, by Owen Natha
“Soviet-Imperialism and Social Democracy, Cover-Up of Capitalism in the USSR (or How Martin Nicolaus and the October League Have ’Restored’ Socialism in the Soviet Union)”, by C.R.
“Some Preliminary Thoughts on Bourgeois Democracy and the U.S. Working Class”, by J. Werner
“On the Character of World War 2”, by John B. Tyler
“Bourgeois Right, Economism, and the Goal of the Working Class Struggle”, by Matt Butler and Lee Korsznecki

The Communist, Volume 1, #2, May 1, 1977   

“On the Relationship Between the Forces and Relations of Production and the Base and Superstructure”, by Owen Natha
“Communism Not Pan Africanism Is the Guide to Socialist Revolution and Black Liberation”, by John Henry
“Reformist and Revolutionary Views of Capitalist Crisis: A Critique of ’New Marxism’”, by M.F.Z.
“Anatomy of a Puerile Leftist Sect: The Religious Disorder of the Workers Viewpoint Organization”
“WVO: Undaunted Dogma from Puffed Up Charlatans”, by Owen Natha
“WVO’s Opportunism in Theory and Practice”, by John B. Tyler
“Living Socialism and Dead Dogmatism: The Proletarian Line and the Struggle Against Opportunism on the National Question in the U.S. (Reprinted from Red Papers 6, published by the Revolutionary Union, June 1974)”

The Communist, Volume 2, #1, Fall/Winter 1977 

“On the Origins of World War 2”, by John B. Tyler
“Against Sweezy’s Political Economy: Reformist and Revolutionary Views of Capitalist Crisis, Part 2”, by M.F.Z.
“Marxism, Nationalism and the Task of Party Building: History and Lessons of the National Liaison Committee”, by D.B.

The Communist, Volume 2, #2, Summer/Fall 1978 

“Against Pragmatism: Bourgeois Philosophy ’Made in U.S.A.’”, by J.S.
“On the Outcome of World War 2 and the Prospects for Revolution in the West”, by C.R.
“On the Mensheviks’ Views of Crisis: ’Capitalism Works After All’”, by R. Lotta
“The ’Tarnished Socialism’ Thesis: Some Recent Publications in Defense of Soviet Capitalism”, by C.R.

The Communist, Number 5, May 1979   

“Beat Back the Dogmato-Revisionist Attack on Mao Tsetung Thought: Comments on Enver Hoxha’s Imperialism and the Revolution”, by J. Werner
“Some Notes on the Study of What Is to Be Done? and Its Implications for the Struggle Today”, by J.P.
“Plato: Classical Ideologue of Reaction”, by J.S.
“China, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and Professor Bettelheim (or How Not to Criticize Revisionism)”, by C.R.