Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line



October was the third theoretical journal of the Revolutionary Communist League of Britain, following Revolution and Interim Journal.

Volume 1, No. 1 April 1982


Harry Haywood, “Reformist Work or Revolutionary Work”

The CPGB and “The Colonial Question”

The Struggle of National Minority People and the line of the RCL

Volume 1, No. 2 October 1982


The Oppression of Women – criticism of old lines

Racism, National oppression and Free National development

Ireland Sub-Committee, On the Question of Unconditional support for the Republican Movement and the Struggle of the Irish people

RCLB Policy statement on Ireland

Central Committee, RCLB Policy statement on China (18.4.82)

The Anglo-Argentinian War and Imperialism today

No. 3 Summer 1985


Introduction & Resolution of the RCL Conference (November 1983)

Black national Minorities, Working Class and the R.C.G.

Euro-centrism – the ”key” link in theoretical work

Interview with Maqbul Butt

No. 4 Winter 1988


1913: The Dublin Lock Out

Proposals of Democratic Kampuchea for a comprehensive political settlement to the problem of Kampuchea

The Indian People’s Association in North America, Centralised State power & the threat to minorities in India

Criticism of the “Revolutionary Internationalist Movement” & Postscript: The Philippines Revolution.

Book Review: Stalin & Great Power Chauvinism

No. 5 Autumn 1990 A Special issue on Women


Sisters, Comrades by Kjersti Ericsson [AKP]

The basis of women’s oppression

Kumari Jayawardena & Govind Kelkar, The Left and Feminism

Reproductive rights

Should Women fight Imperialism?