Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Red Dawn

Red Dawn was published by a small circle in the New York metropolitan area that had previously been part of the New York District the Workers Congress (M-L). It was close to the Committee of U.S. Bolsheviks. Only three issues of Red Dawn were published.


No. 1, April 1978

In This Issue
Why the Red Dawn
Statement on the Split in the Workers Congress (M-L)
Never Forget Class Struggle!
Letter of Resignation
Unity Conference Resolutions
Party Building and the Struggle at Governeour Hospital
More on the Arrests of David and Panama


No. 2, 1978

Critique of OL's Opportunism

Split in the Red Dawn

The International Situation: Concerning Our Views


No. 3, January 1980


Section I – The Era of Imperialism

The Five Basic Features of Imperialism and the Division of The World Today
The Four Major Contradictions of the Era
The General Crisis of Capitalism and the Recent Crisis
Imperialism as the Eve of Proletarian Revolution
Leninism is Marxism in the Era of Imperialism
The Liberation Movements of the Oppressed Nations in the Era of Imperialism
Revisionism in the Formerly Socialist Countries
The Social Bases for Opportunism
Trends in Modern Revisionism
The Question of War

Section IIA – Strategy and Tactics

The Importance of Theory
Objective Conditions
Subjective Conditions
What is Strategy
International Strategy
The Fundamental Contradiction and the Principal Contradiction
The Liberation Movements vs. the “Third World”
The Role of the “Second World”
United Front Against Imperialism
The Situation in the U.S.

Section IIB – Strategy and Tactics in World Wars I and II

Factors Leading to World War I
Results of World War I
The Situation Prior to World War II
Communist Tactics in World War II
Results of World War II

Section III – The Theory of Three Worlds

Historical Roots of the Three Worlds Theory
Essentials of the Theory of the Three Worlds
The “Third World”
The “Second World”
The Danger of War
Social-Chauvinism and the Importance of Self-Criticism
The Need for an Ideological Break with Revisionism

Appendix – On the Question of Which Countries are Socialist