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Workers Party/Independent Socialist League

E. Haberkern & Arthur Lipow (eds.)

Neither Capitalism nor Socialism

Theories of Bureaucratic Collectivism


Neither Capitalism nor Socialism in PDF.
Copyright ©2008 Center for Socialist History.
All Rights reserved.
Editors: E. Haberkern & Arthur Lipow.
Published here with the kind permission of the CSH.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).


Chapter I
The Revolution Betrayed

From Formula to Reality
by James Burnham

The Fourth International and the Russian

by Yvan Craipeau

Chapter II
The Hitler-Stalin Pact

The Managerial Revolution
by James Burnham

The End of Capitalism in Germany
by Dwight MacDonald

Is Russia a Workers’ State?
by Max Shachtman

Chapter III
The Defense of Collectivized Property

The Basis for Defensism in Russia
by Ernest Erber

Bureaucratic Collectivism
by Joseph Carter

The Russian Question
by Max Shachtman

Chapter IV
The Third Camp

Triangle of Forces
by Hal Draper

The Economic Drive Behind Tito
by Hal Draper

The Nature of The Chinese State
by Jack Brad

The Strange Case of Anna Louise Strong
by Jack Brad

Chapter V
Beyond the Third Camp

Aspects of the Labor Government
by Max Shachtman

Neo-Corporatists and Neo-Reformists
by Hal Draper

The New Social-Democratic Reformism
by Hal Draper

The Permanent War Economy
by Seymour Melman

Appendix A
The Myth of Bruno Rizzi

Appendix B
The Myth of Max Shachtman

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