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Fourth International, May 1942


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.3 No.5, May 1942, p.130.
Transcribed, Edited & Formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for the ETOL.


Few letters have been received from other countries during the month, but Australia managed to send us word that Fourth International has not been received through the mails for some months and is greatly missed. We are checking with the postal authorities to discover what is wrong.

From Havana comes the request for 1940-41 bound volumes of Fourth International and the plea that some copies of the magazine be sent airmail each month.

*   *  *

Letters from our readers and agents at home show an increase in activity – payments on account, improved sales, and subscriptions:

Any other agent who needs subscription blanks should follow M.B.’s example. No doubt he will set an example for all of us by returning those sub blanks filled out in time for our next report.

We sent Minneapolis a big “batch” of sub blanks and hope they snow us under returning them.

B.R. is our new literature agent in Chicago and already has proved herself to be a live wire. In this same letter she sent in a six-month sub, a one-year sub, and a one-year combination. We took the liberty of also sending a list of the unexpired subs in the Chicago area to B.R. We don’t think we are wrong in assuming that she will follow each one through to a renewal.

*   *  *

The subscription field has become really lively. Last month we could report only two contenders – Chicago (in the lead) and Minneapolis. This month Minneapolis, St. Paul, and New York tied for first place, with Chicago filling second, followed by Boston and St. Louis. Six other agents are likewise getting results from sub activity. Perhaps next month – surely next month, the other agents will become sub-conscious.

Getting a subscription is a detail, but that detail becomes a major problem which results in the dwindling of our circulation if not gone about in a systematic and conscientious manner.

On the honor roll for payments this month we place the following agents whose accounts are paid in full: Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Quakertown, St. Louis, New York, and Montana.

“Payments on account” have increased during the month as a whole-larger payments from more agents. There are only four agents, as a matter of fact, who again appear on our “slow-orworse” list: Indianapolis, San Diego, San Francisco, and Texas.

Next Month

Beginning with our June issue, we shall have a new department: International Notes. The war has of course seriously interfered with our contacts with the rest of the world. But, as our February, March and April issues demonstrated, our contact have been renewed to a considerable degree. More than sufficient, indeed to dictate a special department for shorter notes on news of the international workers’ movement.

The U.S.-Nazi patent pools will be given the extended analysis it deserves.

After a long lapse, a batch of Pravda has arrived in this country enabling John G. Wright to contribute another analysis of the situation in the Soviet Union since the war began.

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