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Fourth International, October 1942


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.3 No.10, October 1942, p.290.
Transcribed, Edited & Formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for the ETOL.


This appreciative and welcome letter comes from a subscriber of some years:

“Dear Editor:

“May I take this opportunity to compliment you on the excellent articles on agriculture that have appeared in the Fourth International from time to time. These articles are so timely, so true to fact, and so necessary at this time that I cannot praise them too highly.

“Enclosed is my renewal for our magazine and paper for another year. I hope they get here in time as I cannot be without them.”

*  *  *  *

The articles on agriculture are also (praised in the following letter:

“Dear Sirs:

“I am a student of economics and find a lot of valuable material in the group of articles by C. Charles on American agriculture. I wonder if you would send me a one-half year subscription to Fourth International for $1, beginning with the May 1942 issue. If so, please let me know, and I shall send you a money order.

“I find your magazine contains some very interesting viewpoints and ideas that I have not found elsewhere.”

*  *  *  *

In addition to compliments we also receive complaints. Here is one:

“Dear Editor:

“Several months ago the Fourth International published an extremely timely article explaining why Sidney Hook and other former radical philosophers came to support the war. An editorial note promised that the article was only the first of a series. Each month I awaited the continuation of these articles with the keenest expectation, but they have not appeared. I hope the project has not been abandoned. It seems to me that educational articles on basic questions such as these are of first importance in convincing the most advanced workers that the only way out of the war is to organize for socialism.

“Here’s hoping the second article in the promised series appears in the next issue.”

We have inquired of William F. Warde, author of the first article, and learn that he is now working on the second article of the series.

*  *  *  *

One of our subscribers dropped into the office the other day to tell us how popular Fourth International is becoming in his neighborhood. He stepped into the corner grocery with his copy of the FI under his arm. The clerk saw the back-page notice advertising Socialism on Trial, and asked: “Say, would you mind selling me that? I’ve been following that trial. If you can get another one, I’d sure appreciate that magazine.” The subscriber gave us the two dimes the clerk paid him, and bought another copy from us to replace the one he sold.

*  *  *  *

GREAT NEWS FROM SEATTLE! Our friends in the Northwest are really active. Not many months back only single Fourth International subscriptions were going out to that territory. Now we’ve received an order to begin sending a substantial bundle order every month. This means that the ideas of socialism are making headway in a great section of our country, that the revolutionary traditions of the Northwest me again on the march.

We have discussed with O.C. of Minneapolis the sale of Fourth International in the Twin City area. He has told us about two very good methods of selling and distributing the magazine as well as The Militant.

On the sidewalk outside the Minneapolis headquarters the agent has placed a stand, on which he displayed the current Militant and last week’s Militant. Due to an oversight the Fourth International has not been on the stand, but beginning with this issue, the magazine will also be on sale in front of the Minneapolis headquarters. As the literature is sold, the supply on the stand is replenished.

Every branch should give consideration to this idea. A stand in front of your headquarters may result in even bigger sales of literature than those enjoyed by Minneapolis.

Another very good suggestion to get Fourth International into the hands of your contacts and thus keep it from piling up in your headquarters:

Each month, as soon as the magazine comes off the press, each comrade is urged to buy three copies for 50c. He then sells these copies to his personal contacts, or in justified circumstances, gives them away, Through this method your contacts become acquainted with the magazine and eventually may take out a subscription.

NOTICE: We have now secured sufficient copies of back issues needed for the second binding of Fourth International for 1940-1941. The volume will be ready for delivery the first of October.

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