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Fourth International, May 1945


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.6 No.5, May 1945, p.130.
Transcribed, marked up & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


Among the thousands of workers reading The Militant are many now becoming interested in Fourth International. Those agents alert to this rich source of subscriptions are reporting success. Herb Newell of Allentown writes:

“We revisited a new Militant subscriber who was very interested the first time he was contacted. Our conversation was very good. He appreciates the problems facing the workers and realizes the necessity for a program. When we told him about Fourth International, he eagerly subscribed. Enclosed is his subscription.”


Maggie McGowan of Toledo also reports Fourth International subscription sales among new readers of The Militant:

“One of our subscribers in the shop wanted to take advantage of the special FI offer, but he lost his card. So he asked one of the comrades in the plant to send it in for him with an explanation. Enclosed is $3. He wants a one-year subscription for himself and one for his friend in the shop.”


The branches are doing a good job in building up newsstand sales. Mike Bartell of Chicago writes:

“Please send us 50 more copies of the April FI immediately. Comrade Moran has placed the FI on nine additional newsstands with the result that we have run short. We can assure you of a considerable increase in our FI bundle every mouth from now on.

“Also please send us ten copies of the March issue since we have also run out of those.”


R. Haddon of San Francisco reports her plans for building up newsstand sales:

“If you can spare them, we should like to have about 50 to 75 copies of the impressive FI sub-blurb. We should like to attach these to newsstand copies of the magazine and see if we can’t get some subs out of our regular readers who purchase the magazine off the stands. We are especially interested in hitting our new Berkeley readers and consider this a method of finding out who reads our magazine over there. Also we plan to place The Militant on some stands in the East Bay just as soon as we can.”

This request was received from Al Lynn of Los Angeles:

“... In addition to the 40 copies which will probably just fill out the gap on the stands, I wish that you would send another 10 as I think that we may run short due to the contents of the magazine and the fact that we intend to have a lecture by Comrade Murry on the USSR.”

Recently an FI subscriber came into our office to get a one-year subscription for his Indian friend in Boston. He informed us that he thinks his friend is interested in the magazine because of the material it carries on India. He continued,

“My own specialty is India and frankly speaking, your magazine is the only one in the country that carried good documentary material on India.”


Other readers comment about Fourth International.

F.B. of Detroit:

“Month after month the Fourth International continues to he the best analytical periodical in the country, and the March issue is certainly no exception. Since I first began reading it late in 1942 I have watched historical events repeatedly verify the correctness of the analyses as they appeared months previously in the FI. No one can expect better proof than this.

“In the March issue the article that was most inspiring was the one on the European Theses. It is heartening to see how close is the stand of the European section of the Fourth International to that of the American section. This fact points to the correctness of the stand of the Socialist Workers Party on the European situation.”

J.K. of New York:

“The Simmons article in your April issue rings the bell. The working stiff is being subjected to a deluge of hate propaganda and hysterical nationalism and material like Simmons’ is very necessary to arm the thinking workers who read Fourth International.

“I also enjoyed reading Trotsky’s article on Spain. That should be scored and underscored and circulated all through Europe where once again the same problem faces the working class. Can I get the early bound volumes of the FI – those that appeared around 1934-35?”

(Bound volumes of Fourth International, then called New International, for 1934-35 are no longer available. We have single issues for these years containing articles by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, which can be purchased for 40c each.)


N. Collins, our agent in San Diego, informs us that Fourth International can now be purchased at 242 Broadway where The Militant is sold.


A reader of Fourth International in Canada is passing his copy of the magazine on to others. He says:

“The February magazine interested me very much and I have already passed it on to certain members of Parliament in the CCF Party. They are very interested. They are also reading Third International After Lenin.’ It is a good book.”

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