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Fourth International, August 1945


Two Orders of the Day to the Red Army
Under Lenin and Trotsky


From Fourth International, vol.6 No.8, August 1945, pp.236-237.
Transcribed, marked up & formatted by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Order of the Day No.83 and the June 15, 1921 Order are only two of the countless historical documents attesting that Lenin and his co-thinkers never viewed the Red Army otherwise than as the military arm of the world working class in its struggle for emancipation. In Lenin’s day the Congresses of the Third International were invariably the occasion for great propaganda and agitational campaigns, especially in the ranks of the Red Army. Order of the Day No.83 was issued during the sessions of the First World Congress. The day after the adjournment of the First World Congress, March 7, 1919, was proclaimed a public holiday, the Red Army paraded in the Red Square and that evening great mass meetings were held throughout the country. Similar procedure was followed so long as Lenin remained alive.

Order of the Day Number 83 to the Red Army and Navy

Greetings from the Communist International

In Moscow early in March the representatives of the revolutionary workers of various countries of Europe and America came together in order to establish close revolutionary collaboration among the toilers of the world in the struggle against their oppressors. This conference founded the Communist International, that is, it founded the international alliance of workers, soldiers and toiling peasants for the establishment of the World Soviet Republic which will forever put an end to enmity and wars among the peoples. At one of its sessions the Communist International adopted the following resolution of greetings to the Russian Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army:

The Congress of the Communist International sends the Red Army of Soviet Russia its heartiest greetings and extends its fullest hopes for a complete victory in the struggle against world imperialism.

This fraternal salute of the world proletariat must be made known to all the warriors of the Red Army and Navy. I hereby order the Commissars to make it publicly known to all squads, detachments, squadrons, batteries, and all ships. Every soldier of the Red Army, every sailor of the Red Navy will hear with merited pride this message of greeting from the highest and most authoritative body of the world working class. The Red Army and the Red Navy will not fail the expectations and hopes of the Communist International.

Under the Banner of the World Working Class – Forward!

Issued March 9, 1919. Moscow.


L. Trotsky
Chairman of the Military Revolutionary
Council of the Republic;
Commissar of War and Naval Affairs

First published in Izvestia, No.54, March 11, 1919.

The Red Army to the General Staff of the Revolution

June 13, 1921

Warriors of the Red Army!

For the third time the World Congress of the Communist International convenes in Moscow.

It is a great joy and honor for the workers, peasants and Red soldiers of Russia to greet within the walls of the Red capital the best representatives of the world working class.

Red warriors! For three and a half years you have defended the first Toilers’ Republic in the world against the uninterrupted predatory attempts and attacks of the brigands and oppressors of all countries. On the Volga and the Obi, on the Northern Dvina and the Neva, on the Berezina and the Dnieper, on the Don and the Kuban, you have fought and died under the banner of the International. You have shed your blood in defending Soviet Russia – the fortress of the world proletariat. At the same time you have defended the heart of Soviet Russia – Red Moscow. You have assured to the representatives of the world working class the opportunity to come together under your protection in order to elaborate the further ways and methods of waging the struggle against capitalist coercion – in the name of the fraternity, liberty and happiness of all oppressed mankind.

On June 17, in the name of the entire Red Army, the Moscow garrison will solemnly greet our dear guests, our brothers in struggle. Revolutionary fighters – Red soldiers, commanders, commissars! Let us join in a fervent cheer for the Communist International!


L. Trotsky
People’s Commissar of
War and Naval Affairs

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