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December 1940: They Must Make Way For Death

December 1941: Here Is a Concrete Example of Rent Gouging on an Ohio Defense Project

December 1941: War Heightens Problem of Wages of Feminine Workers

January 1942: Ohio Hits High in Priorities Unemployment

February 1942: Ohio CIO Protests Employment of Women for Over 45 Hours a Week

April 1942: Goodyear Workers in Sitdown Strike for 14 Hours

July 1942: Akron Incident Proves Need of Labor Solidarity

July 1942: Negro Women Pickets Hit Jim Crow in War Industry

July 1942: Picketing Forces Conference on Jobs for Negro Women

September 1942: Militant Action Wins Negro Women Jobs in Akron Rubber Factories

September 1942: Stalinists at UERMW Convention Triumph over Unorganized Opposition from Ranks

October 1942: Six-Hour Day in Rubber War Casualty

February 1943: Akron Beacon Scoops a Lie

July 1944: Allied-Bonomi Government in Italy Holds Out on Democracy, Independence

July 1944: Sales Tax Plan Soaks the Poor

August 1944: $100 Billions – Leftovers for Profit Feast

August 1944: The Plunderbund and Its Plunderfund

September 1944: United States – The New Seat of Empire

October 1944: Low-Down on “Differences” Between GOP and Democrats!

October 1944: Progressives at the Rubber Convention

October 1944: “The Voice” – and We Don’t Mean Frankie Sinatra

October 1944: WLB Refuses to Unfreeze Wages!

November 1944: Allies Bolster French Rulers Against Masses

November 1944: Cost of Living Is Only a Joke to the WLB

November 1944: Murray Rants, but WLB Is Hard of Hearing

November 1944: The Russian Revolution

December 1944: “Liberating” Europe’s Masses – By Carving Up Poland Over Heads of People

December 1944: Rescinding the No-Strike Pledge and the Boys in the Foxholes!

December 1944: State Dept. – Millionaires’ New Club

January 1945: Churchill Defends Greek Atrocities

January 1945: Conscription Guarantees a New World War

January 1945: Correspondence

January 1945: Poland – How “Big 3” Differ on “Liberation”

January 1945: The Principles Labor Action Stands For

January 1945: A Socialist Review of 1944

February 1945: Daily Worker Whooping Up Conscription

February 1945: Nat’l Service Act Means a New Slavery

March 1945: More on Daily Worker Liar, Morris ―

March 1945: Murray Meets Wage Freeze with Post Cards

March 1945: Old Lies in a New Pamphlet

March 1945: Telephone Girls Take Strike Vote

April 1945: Advisors and Sponsors of Nazis Now Advise Allied Military Gov’t

April 1945: A Lieutenant-Colonel Speaks Against Peacetime Military Training

April 1945: Who Are the Real War Criminals?

May 1945: San Francisco ‘Peace Planners’ Won’t Stop Wars

June 1945: How to Get Full Employment? Socialist Planning, Not Profits!

June 1945: Is $25 a Week Adequate Benefit?

June 1945: Workers Party Plan for Reconversion and Post-War

July 1945: Big Three Divide Spoils of War at Potsdam

July 1945: German Communist Party Against Soviets

July 1945: Vet Insurance – How Soldiers Are Swindled

September 1945: Back UAW 30% Demand!

September 1945: The Road Ahead for British Labor

October 1945: Support Indonesian Independence!

October 1945: UAW Leads in Labor’s Fight to Win Living Wage

October 1945: U.S., Russia Main Contenders for War Booty

November 1945: “A Monroe Doctrine for Russia” – Byrnes

November 1945: President Waves “Big Stick” in Foreign Policy

December 1945: CIO Breaks With Truman!

December 1945: Fight to Open the Books!

December 1945: Ford Offer Has Strings Attached

December 1945: Labor Party Trends

February 1946: Congress Threatens Anti-Labor Legislation

February 1946: Fight “Big Steal” Formula!

April 1946: 8-Pager Is a Political Necessity!

April 1946: Guide to Action for Rail Labor (book review)

May 1946: Housing Crisis Can Be Solved!

June 1946: International Relief Work of the WP

June 1946: Shift to Right in France Despite CP-SP Majority

September 1946: The Economics of Filipino “Freedom”

October 1946: War Helped $ Billion Corporations Tighten Grip on Nation’s Economy

December 1946: Overflow Crowd at Farrell LA Lecture

December 1946: With the Underground to Palestine

June 1947: Guaranteed Annual Wage Issue at ILG Convention

March 1949: Los Angeles – “Out of Line”?

March 1949: Seek to End Los Angeles CIO Split

September 1949: UE Leaders Carry Split Motion at Convention

October 1949: UE Leaders Carry Split Motion at Convention

November 1949: ECA Plan for Union of Europe Bogs Down

December 1949: ILG Fates ‘Discipline’ for Supporting Morris

December 1949: “Welfare State” or Garrison State?

January 1950: Truman Message Sees Fair Deal in Year 2000 – What Does He Propose for Today?

February 1950: Einstein Warns on H-Bomb: ‘General Annihilation Beckons’

February 1950: Einstein Warns on H-Bomb: ‘General Annihilation Beckons’

March 1950: FEPC Ripped to Shreds; House Votes Mangled Bill

March 1950: H-Bomb over the Planet

March 1950: Kafka in the U.S. – How CIA Purges

April 1950: Purge Octopus Now Reaches Out for ADA and SP

April 1950: Shachtman versus Browder – A Full Report of the Debate

May 1950: Moscow – Arch-Enemy of Socialism

May 1950: May Day Perverted into M-Day by Both War Camps

June 1950: U.S. Attack on BLP Tags Meaning of Pool Plan as Anti-Socialist

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