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March 1935: S.Y.L. Looks to the Future of the American Revolution

July 1940: A Tennessee Lynching Bee

April 1941: Negroes Win Strike for Bus Jobs

May 1942: Tarlé’s Invasion of History (book review)

August 1942: Win the War, Win the Peace (book review)

October 1942: Three Mississippi Negroes Lynched

November 1942: Arizona’s Big Cotton Kings Strike Against Paying 30¢-an-Hour Wage

November 1942: Peonage Uncovered in South

December 1942: India – Judd Pamphlet a Reading MUST (book review)

January 1943: Puerto Rican Masses Starve While the Politicians Feud

January 1943: ‘Unifying’ the Americas (book review)

January 1943: U.S. Ambassador in Bolivia Sides with Tin Bosses vs. Striking Workers

February 1943: Good Neighborliness of Bosses Pays

February 1943: Politics and Rosa Luxemburg (extended book review)

April 1943: We Pay Tribute to Our Many Martyrs in the Cause of Liberty

May 1943: How the Film Falsifies the Record

June 1943: Russia’s Foreign Policy in War (extended book review)

July 1943: Bolivia – Colony of the U.S.A.

July 1943: Corporate Profits 18% Higher AFTER Taxes!

July 1943: Imported Jamaican Laborers Work Under Peon Conditions

September 1943: Big Business Enslaves Bolivian Masses

October 1943: The Case of Sgt. Alton Levy

October 1943: N.Y. Times Lies About Puerto Rico

February 1944: Workers Party Meeting Explains “Dissolution” of Communist Party

May 1944: A May Day Tribute to the Glorious Russian Revolution of 1917

May/July 1944: American Fascism (series)

July 1944: Churchill Threatens Bloodbath in ‘No Freedom for India’ Edict

September 1944: Great Britain Will Not Free India!

October 1944: English Trade Union Congress Swallows Lie; Links German Workers to Fascists

November 1944: C.P. and Fallacy of the “Hard Peace”

December 1944: Bevin – Imperialist Labor Leader

December 1944: Greek Events Testify Workers Party Foresaw Events

8 January 1945: They’re Still Battling for Democracy

15 January 1945: World Politics: Inter-Imperialist Conflict of the Big Three (column)

22 January 1945: World Politics: (column)

29 January 1945: World Politics (column)

5 February 1945: World Politics (column)

12 February 1945: World Politics (column)

19 February 1945: World Politics (column)

26 February 1945: World Politics (column)

5 March 1945: World Politics (column)

12 March 1945: ELAS Leaders Throw in the Towel

12 March 1945: World Politics (column)

19 March 1945: World Politics (column)

26 March 1945: World Politics (column)

2 April 1945: World Politics (column)

9 April 1945: World Politics (column)

16 April 1945: World Politics (column)

30 April 1945: How the Third Camp of Labor Fought Oppression in the War

7 May 1945: World Politics (column)

14 May 1944: World Politics (column)

28 May 1945: World Politics (column)

4 June 1945: World Politics (column)

25 June 1945: World Politics (column)

3 July 1945: The SWP and the New York Elections (letter)

9 July 1945: World Politics – Stalinist Imperialism in the Ukraine (column)

3 September 1945: The SWP and the New York Elections

1 April 1946: Month Left to Finish Sub Drive

29 April 1946: Labor Action’s May Day Greeting to New Readers


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