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Jean van Heijenoort

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Biography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]


1940: The Algebra of Revolution

1940: “Science” – Burnham’s Style

1940: Capitalist Economy in War

September 1940: Pivert Swaps Courtesies with Gen. De Gaulle (as J. Gerland)

September 1940: Workers’ Power Alone Can Defeat Fascism (as J. Gerland)

November 1940: France under Hitler and Petain (Manifesto of the Fourth International)

1941: France: First Signs of the Storm

1941: Perspectives for Europe

1941: Centrism and Its Future

1941: The I.L.P. – Words and Reality

May 1941: The Crisis in Soviet Industry (as Vladimir Ivlev)

May 1941: A Letter to Comrades in Argentine (as Marc Loris)

August 1941: Lev Davidovich (as Karl Mayer)

August 1941: For Defense of the Soviet Union (Manifesto of the Fourth International)

1942: Europe Under the Iron Heel

1942: On Some Critics of Trotsky

1942: Washington’s “New Order”

1942: The Riom Trial: The Truth About French “Democracy”

1942: Revolutionary Tasks Under the Nazi Boot

1942: The National Question in Europe

1942: “‘New’ Ideas on Italy”

1942: North Africa: A Lesson in Democracy

February 1942: Dope – “Western Civilization’s” First and Greatest Gift to the Orient (as Marc Loris)

February 1942: Background of the French Trials (as Marc Loris)

April 1942: French Party Is Growing Despite Gestapo Terror (as Marc Loris)

January 1943: Darlan and the Liberals

February 1943: The British ILP

March 1943: The German Revolution in the Leninist Period

March 1943: The Political Misadventures of the French Bourgeoisie (as Marc Loris)

July 1943: The Giraud-De Gaulle Dispute (as Marc Loris)

January 1944: Lebanon’s Fight For Independence (as Marc Loris)

August 1944: How the Fourth International Was Conceived

September 1944: Whither France? (as Daniel Logan)

January 1945: On The European Situation And Our Tasks – Part I (as Daniel Logan)

February 1945: On The European Situation And Our Tasks – Part II (as Daniel Logan)

March 1945: The Italian Revolution and the Slogan “For a Republic” (as Daniel Logan)

December 1945: The Eruption of Bureaucratic Imperialism (as Daniel Logan)

March 1948: A Century’s Balance Sheet (as Jean Vannier)

1948: Friedrich Engels and Mathematics

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