MIA: History: International: Communist International: Second Congress 1920

Minutes of the
Second Congress of the
Communist International
Petrograd, July 19 – August 7 1920

international delegates watching parade held in Petrograd in honour of the Congress

First Published: Publishing House of the Communist International, 1921;
Source: Second Congress of the Communist International. Minutes of the Proceedings. Volume One and Two;
Published: by New Park Publications, 1977;
Translated: by Bob Archer;
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden.


Summonsing of the Congress


First Session, July 19

Second Session, July 23

Third Session, July 24

Fourth Session, July 25

Fifth Session, July 28

Sixth Session, July 29

Evening Session of July 29

Seventh Session, July 30

Eighth Session, August 2

Evening Session of August 2

Ninth Session, August 3

Evening Session of August 3

Tenth Session, August 4

Evening Session of August 4

Eleventh Session, August 5

Thirteenth Session, August 6

Fifteenth Session, August 7

Documents of the Congress
Delegates to the Second World Congress