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The Labour Monthly


Contents By Issue

Vol. 22 January, 1940 Number 1
Page 3 Notes of the Month  —:
Outlook For 1940 By R.P.D.
Page 15 The truth About Finland By Ivor Montagu
Page 29 Who Pays For The War? By John Eaton
Page 41 The Meaning Of Federal Union By Richard Goodman
Page 48 War Effects In Palestine And The Near East By I. Rennap
Page 56 “Labour Monthly” Readers' Groups
Page 57 Document Of The Month.
Page The Programme Of The People's Government In Finland
Page 59 Book Reviews:
Science In Antiquity By Douglas Garman
The Philistine Within The Gate By R. Page Arnot


Vol. 22 February, 1940 Number 2
Page 69 Notes of the Month  —:
The “Grimmer Phase” By R.P.D
83 New Fronts For Old By Quaestor
89 Aspects Of British “War Economy” By Maurice Dobb
99 The Labour Movement Discusses The War By J. R. Campbell
Page 114 Wages, Prices And Unemployment – A Correction
Page 115 The Finnish Revolution – I By O.W. Kuusinen
Page 125 Document Of The Month
Page Regimentation Of Labour In France
Page 126 “Labour Monthly” Readers' Groups
Page 127 Book Review:
Spanish Strategy By “Strategist”


Vol. 22 March, 1940 Number 3
Labour Monthly Conference Report:
Page 131 1. The Resolution
Page 137 2. R. Palme Dutt's Opening Speech
Page 141 3. The Credentials Report
Page 142 4. The Confe rence Discussion
Page 150 The Workers' Counter-Offensive By Peter Kerrigan
Page 158 March 18: The Paris Commune
Page 162 War Aims – Lessons Of 1914-18 By R.B. Eastwood
Page 169 Roosevelt Heads For War By George Seldes
Page 173 The Finnish Revolution-2 By O. W. Kuusinen
Page 185 Book Reviews : Czech Freedom – How? By J.L.
More War Aims By Ivor Montagu
Introduction To Philosophy By J.E.
The Civilised Sixth Of The World By Pat Sloan


Vol. 22 April, 1940 Number 4
Page 195 Notes of the Month  —:
The Turning Point Of The War By R.P.D.
Page 208 After Six Months – What Now? By Harry Pollitt
Page 220 The U.S.S.R., Turkey And The Allies By Quaestor
Page 229 Before The Labour Party Conference By Allen Hutt
Page 236 Engineers Move Into Action By Arthur Edgar Upton
Page 240 An Outline Of The Second Imperialist War By Mao Tse-Tung
Page 249 Document Of The Month
Indian National Congress Resolution
Page 250 Labour Monthly Readers' Discussion Groups Book
Page 251 Book Review
Philistine Gospel By Allen Hutt


Vol. 22 May, 1940 Number 5
Page 259 Notes of the Month  —:
War Frenzy And Bournemouth By R.P.D.
Page 273 The War Opens Out By Quaestor
Page 279 Bournemouth Inquest By Ivor Montagu
Page 288 France's War On The Workers By F. Ruskin
Page 294 India Before The Storm By Michael Carritt
Page 304 British Students On The Move By George Matthews
Page 312 Fifty Years Of May Day By Dona Torr
Page 316 Documents Of The Month
National Shop Stewards' Conference Resolutions
Page 319 Book Review
Serving With The Colours By Sean O'casey


Vol. 22 June, 1940 Number 6
Page 323 Notes of the Month  —:
Page 335 Where Are We Now? By D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P.
Page 343 The “Socialism” Of The Second International By H.A. George
Page 350 The Colonial Question And The War By Clemens Dutt
Page 355 “Left” Intellectuals And The War By E.M. Winterton
Page 361 Book Reviews :
A Programme For Prowess By R. Campbell
Where Are You Going? By Harry Pollitt
Tuberculosis And Social Conditions In England By Alan Wade
Mr. Keynes Answered By H.M.
Foundations Of Leninism


Vol. 22 July, 1940 Number 7
Page 323 Notes of the Month  —:
The Crisis Of The British People By R.P.D.
Page 386 The Workers In The Total War Economy By J.R. Campbell
Page 392 The Country Of Socialism And The War By Pat Sloan
Page 399 Who Controls The Controllers? By Henry Morgan
Page 404 Federation Without Foundations By D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P.
Page 410 Document Of The Month
Twentieth Anniversary Of The Communist Party Of Great Britain
Page 412 “Labour Monthly” Readers' Groups
Page 413 Book Reviews :
Engels On Science By George Harvey
Garbled Biography By P.F.


Vol. 22 August, 1940 Number 8
Page 419 Notes of the Month  —:
Twenty Years Of The Communist Party By R.P.D.
Page 426 The Fight For The Communist Party By W. Gallacher, M.P.
Page 431 Twice Two Are A Tallow Candle By R. Page Arnot
Page 436 The Communists And The Labour Movement By H.A. George
Page 441 What The Communist Party Has Meant To Me
1. By Coun. Jack Davies
2. By Helen Crawfurd
3. By Maurice Dobb
4. By J. R. Scott
Page 449 The U.S.S.R. Makes Sure By Quaestor
Page 458 Women In Unrest, 1914-1918 By Beryl Stanley


Vol. 22 September, 1940 Number 9
Page 467 Notes of the Month  —:
One Year Of War By R.P.D.
Page 479 National Socialism: Labour Party Brand By William Rust
Page 485 Is This A War For Democracy? By E.M. Winterton
Page 495 India To-Day By R. Page Arnot
Page 499 One Year Of War Economy By John Knight
Page 505 Blockading The People's Pantry By Rose Smith
Page 511 Book Review
Science Hugs Its Chains By Clemens Dutt


Vol. 22 October, 1940 Number 10
Page 515 Notes of the Month  —:
Whither The War? By R.P.D.
Page 526 The People's Convention By D.N. Pritt K.C., M.P.
Page 530 Python And Tiger By Quaestor
Page 535 London's People And The Air War By Ted Bramley
Page 540 trade Unions In The Strait Jacket Of War By J.R. Campbell
Page 547 War On The Workers By Henry Morgan
Page 551 Britain's Allies For “Liberating” Europe By Richard Nixon
Page 558 Book Reviews :
England’s Revolution By P.F.
Lessons Of History By B. Farrington


Vol. 22 November, 1940 Number 11
Page 563 Notes of the Month  —:
The Soviet Union, War And Peace By R.P.D.
Page 573 Twenty-Three Years By E.M. Winterton
Page 578 The Imperialist Struggle For A New Redivision Of The World By E. Varga
Page 589 The trade Unions: What Now? By Peter Kerrigan
Page 596 India's Agrarian Revolution By Michael Carritt
Page 601 Document Of The Month:
The People's Convention
Page 607 Book Review
Imperialism And Counter Revolution By William Rust


Vol. 22 December, 1940 Number 12
Page 611 Notes of the Month  —:
Outlook For 1941 By R.P.D.
Page 618 The People's Parliament By Harry Pollitt
Page 626 A “New Order” In Europe? By J. Revai
Page 635 The War And British Agriculture By George Matthews
Page 643 The War For The Middle East By I. Rennap
Page 651 The English Revolution 1640
I. A Reply To P.F. By Douglas Garman
II. A Rejoinder By P.F.
Page 655 Book Review
Following Ramsay Macdonald By Margaret Heston
Index To Vol. Xxii


Vol. 23 January, 1941 Number 1
Page 2 A Record Of Progress
Page 5 Notes of the Month  —:
Page The People's Programme By R.P.D.
Page 16 The Alternative To Churchillism By D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P.
Page 21 A.R.P. And A People's Government By J.B.S. Haldane
Page 27 The Attack On The Workers By Harry Adams
Page 31 Victory For What? By Ivor Montagu
Page 39 Theses On Peace By V.L Lenin
Page Book Reviews
Page 44 A Masterpiece Of Marxism By Quaestor4
Page 45 Our Socialist Fatherland By Hilda Vernon


Vol. 23 February, 1941 Number 2
Page 51 Notes of the Month  —: The Fight For Democracy By R.P.D.
Page 59 The People's Convention – What Next? By Harry Pollitt
Page 66 The A.E.U. And The Shop Stewards Movement By Wal Hannington
Page 70 The Strategy Of The War By Quaestor
Page 75 The Crisis In India By Michael Carritt
Page 83 Civil Liberty In The Empire By Desmond Buckle
Page 87 The Blockade Of Britain By Peter Field
Page 90 The English Revolution
Page 93 Document Of The Month
Page Resolutions Of The People's Convention, January 12, 1941
Page I Policy And Programme
Page Ii Organisation And Campaign


Vol. 23 March, 1941 Number 3
Page 99 Notes of the Month  —:
The “New Order” In Britain By R.P.D.
Page 115 Press Freedom In Wartime
A Symposium By W.H. Thompson
George Bernard Shaw
H.G. Wells
Sir Richard Acland, M.P.
Sir Hugh Roberton
Lord Ponsonby
H.W. Nevinson, Hon. Ll.D., D.Litt.
L.C. White
S.O. Davies, Mp.
Dean Of Canterbury
Ronald Kidd
The Future Of The Labour Party
Page 126 I By Councillor J. Lewis And Councillor Mabel Lewis
Page 128 Ii By Councillor J. Craig Walker
Page 131 The Workers And The British Totalitarians By J.R. Campbell
Page 140 The Fraud Of The Cost Of Living Index By Peter Field
Page 142 Engels Masterpiece On Social Evolution By Professor George Thomson
Page 143 Sons Of The Commune By G.A.H.


Vol. 23 April, 1941 Number 4
Page 147 Notes of the Month  —:
The Crisis On The Left By R.P.D.
Tom Mann – A Revolutionary Working Class Fighter
Page 169 I. By W. Gallacher, M.P.
Page 171 Ii. By Ben Tillett
Page 172 The American Scene By Ivor Montagu
Page 182 British Monopoly Capital And The War By Margaret Hudson
Page 187 Socialist Prosperity In The U.S.S.R. By R. Page Arnot
Page 190 The Cut In The Standard Of Living By Peter Field
Page 192 Seven Years Of Work And Wages By G. W. Holloway
Page 194 Ireland And Neutrality By Pat Dooley


Vol. 23 May, 1941 Number 5
Page 199 Notes of the Month  —:
The New Political Situation By R.P.D.
Page 213 The Call Of May Day By William Rust
Page 218 The Soviet Beacon M. Winterton
Page 222 Who Pays For The War ? By R. Page Arnot
Page 228 The Regimentation Of Youth. By Robert Wilding
Page 234 The Pot Called The Kettle Black – A Dialogue By Quaestor And Another
Page 237 They That Take The Sword By The Dean Of Canterbury
Page 238 Connolly Speaks Again By Sean O'casey
Page 244 Discussion Groups Bulletin


Vol. 23 June, 1941 Number 6
Page 247 Notes of the Month  —:
Labour And The New World Situation By R.P.D.
Page 259 Churchill Coalition – And The Alternative By D.N. Pritt
Page 263 India – A Call To The British People By Harry Pollitt
Page 266 Dialectical Materialism And Modern Science By J.B.S. Haldane, F.R.S.
Page 269 Food – What Could Be Done By George Matthews
Page 275 On The “March Into The Ukraine” By Mark Four
Page 282 Camouflaged Statistics By Peter Field
Document Of The Month
Page 284 The Indian trade Union Movement
Book Reviews
Page 285 How To Arrange World Wars: And How To Fight For Peace By E.M. Winterton
Page 288 A Classic Of Lenin By William Rust


Vol. 23 July, 1941 Number 7
Page 293 Prescript
Page 296 Notes of the Month  —:
After 20 Years By R.P.D.
Page 301 Stand By The Soviet Union! By Ivor Montagu
Page 305 Birthday Greetings 5,1& From Bernard Shaw And Others
Page 312 Changes In Capitalism During The War By E. Varga
Page 318 The Scaffolding Of Servitude —
The Meaning Of The Essential Works Orders By J.R. Campbell
Page 327 Dialectical Materialism And Modern Science
The Unity Of Opposites By J. B. S. Haldane, F.R.S.
Page 331 The Labour Conference (Under Tory Patronage) By E.M. Winterton
Page 237 Blood And Tears In The Factories By Peter Field
Page 338 A New Approach To Greek To Drama By R. Farrington
Aeschylus And Athens By George Thomson
Page 339 Over 50 Years Service To Labour By W.J.R. Squance


Vol. 23 August, 1941 Number 8
Page 342 Notes of the Month  —:
The New War Situation By R.P.D.
Page 357 The Front In The West By William Gallacher,
Page 360 Leading The World Against Hitler By Quaestor
Page 364 Freedom's Battle By V. K. Krishna Menon
Page 367 The “Daily Worker” And The National Front By William Rust


Vol. 23 September, 1941 Number 9
Page 373 Notes of the Month  —:
Page 296 The Needs Of The Hour By R.P.D.
Page 383 Mobilise The People By D. N. Pritt, K.C., M.P.
Page 386 War On Two Fronts: The Immediate Issue By “Strategist”
Page 391 How To Increase War Production
1. The Campaign In The Workshops By Jack Owen
2. Organising Production By John Austin
Page 402 Dialectical Materialism & Modern Science By J.B.S. Haldane, F.Rs.
No. 3. – Quantity And Quality
Book Reviews
The Red Army And The Finnish War J.L.
British trade Unionism R.P.D.


Vol. 23 October, 1941 Number 10
Page 405 Our Forces Grow By Y. Yaroslavsky
Page 407 Notes of the Month  —:
After Three Months By R.P.D.
Page 415 The Way To Victory. By Harry Pollitt
Page 422 Revolt In Europe By John Knight
How To Increase Production III
Page 428 On Shop Stewards And Production – By Walter Swanson
Dialectical Materialism & Modern Science.
Page 430 Iv. —The Negation Of The Negation By J.B.S. Haldane, F.R.S.
Documents Of The Month
Page 433 Report Of The T.U.C., Etc.
Book Reviews
Page 434 An Anti-Soviet Book By Wm. Rust
Page 435 The Lesson Of France By Clemens Dutt
Page 436 Early Days By Albert Inkpin


Vol. 23 November, 1941 Number 11
Page 437 Notes of the Month  —:
Anniversary In Battle By R.P.D.
Page 446 The Ruby Star By Ivor Montagu
Political Outlook
Page 449 (I) By T.L. Horabin, M.P.
Page 452 (Ii) By S.S. Silverman, M.P.
Page 456 Production – Key To Victory By Allen Hutt
Page 460 Stalin: Leader Of U.S.S.R. By V. Molotov
Page 463 World Scientists Against Fascism By Thales
Page 466 Documents Of The Month
Book Reviews
Page 467 Honesty About The Colour Bar By Leonard Barnes


Vol. 23 December, 1941 Number 12
Page 469 Notes of the Month  —:
The Government And The War By R.P.D.
Page 478 British-Soviet trade Union Unity By J. Bowman
Page 481 Russia, America And Ourselves The War Within America By Ivor Montagu
Page 486 Joint Production Committees By Len Powell
Page 492 How “Leftism” Helps Hitler By J.R. Campbell
Page 497 The Liversidge Case By “Lawyer”
Page 498 A.R.P. To-Day By J.B.S. Haldane, F.R.S.
Document Of The Month
Page 499 Anglo-Soviet trade Unions Committee
Page 500 Book Reviews - No More Than A Quarry
“Those Raw Materials” By By C.A Weigel
“A Short History Of Science” By Charles Singer Reviewed By J.B.S.H.


Vol. 24 January, 1942 Number 1
Page 3 Notes of the Month  —:
World Battle By R.P.D.
Page 11 Anglo-Russian Unity By The Bishop of Chelmsford
Page 13 The Communist Party and the Fight for Unity by Harry Pollitt
Page 17 Japan By Dorothy Woodman
Page 21 Wages and the War Effort By Peter Kerrigan
Page 25 The Twelfth Anniversary of the Daily Worker By William Rust
Page 26 India in the War By V.K. Krishna Menon
Page 29 Burma by Michael Carrit
Page 31 Imperialist War and National War by V.I. Lenin
Page 32 Book Review - A Soviet Play by Sean O’Casey


Vol. 25 February, 1942 Number 2
Page 33 Notes of the Month  —:
This Year Not Next Year By R.P.D.
Page 35 Women and the War Effort By Joan Beauchamp
Page 38 British-Soviet Trade Union Unity by N. Shvernik
Page 42 Japan - Strength and Weakness By R. Page Arnot
Page 46 Strategic Notes on the Far East By Dorothy Woodman
Page 49 Planning and Propaganda By Amabel & Clough Williams-Ellis
Page 59 The German Rear By John Knight
Page 61 Planning for More Food by John Bounty
Page 62 The Sense of History in Soviet Films by Randall Swingler


Vol. 25 March, 1942 Number 3
Page 65 Notes of the Month  —:
Britain’s Crisis - The Way Forward By R.P.D.
Page 74 World War Survey By William Rust
Page 78 A Just War by Nikolaeva
Page 80 Anglo-Soviet Trade Union Unity By Will Lawther
Page 83 Mobilize Industry By John Austin
Page 87 Hindrances to the National Effort By L.C. White
Page 89 The Problem of Labor Unity By Alderman Luke Hogan
Page 91 Austrailia’s Crisis by Bell Keats
Page 95 Book Review - On the Life of Stalin by William Gallacher, M.P.
Page 95 Correspondence
Vol. 26 April, 1942 Number 4
Page 97 Notes of the Month  —:
The Choice Before Us By R.P.D.
Page 105 India By D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P.
Page 108 The Problem of Labour Unity by Dan Cater, M.P.
Page 110 Soldier’s Pay and Worker’s Wages By J.R. Campbell
Page 112 For a Real Ministry of Production By Len Powell
Page 113 The Middle East and the Anti-Hitler Front By I. Rennap
Page 117 The Liquidation of the Small Business Man By L. Morgan
Page 119 A.R.P. and the National Front by R. Peters
Documents of the Month
Page 120   Stalin’s Orders
Page 123   Summary of the Production Memorandum
Page 125   Germans Call for Revolt
Book Reviews
Page 127 Mother Bloor’s Autobiography by Isabel Brown
Page 128 The Flight From Reality by Prof. George Thomson
Page 128 Production - in Britain and the U.S.S.R. by John Nichols


Vol. 24 May, 1942 Number 5
Page 129 We Hold the Key to Victory by Harry Pollitt
Page 135 Morale for May Day by Ivor Montagu
Page 139 Labour’s Crisis and Opportunity by J.R. Campbell
Page 143 The Problem of Labour Unity By P.G. Barstow, M.P.
Page 144 India Threatened By Ben Bradley
Page 148 Fifty Thousand Communists By D.F. Springhall
Page 150 Victory and the German People By W. Gallacher, M.P.
Page 154 Turkey and the U.S.S.R. by Quaestor
Page 158 Jose Diaz by Dolores Ibarruri
Book Reviews
Page 160 Heroes of the Atlantic by D.P.S.
Page 160 Give Us the Tools by Prof. George Thomson
Vol. 24 June, 1942 Number 6
Page 161 Editorial
Into Action By R.P.D.
Page 164 The Labour Movement and the War by R. Palme Dutt
Page 171 First Things First by D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P.
Page 175 The New Stage of the War by William Rust
Page 180 Coal and the Nation’s War Effort by A.L. Horner
Page 185 India for Action by V.K. Krishna Menon
Page 188 IThe New Budget by John Knight
Page 191 The Movement for British-Soviet Unity by C.E. Fearn


Vol. 24 July, 1942 Number 7
Page 193 Notes of the Month  —:
World Alliance in Action by R.P.D.
Page 202 Anglo-Soviet Treaty by Quaestor
Page 206 The Labour Party Conference by William Gallagher, M.P.
Page 208 The Dark Forces By R. Page Arnot
Page 213 Organizers of Victory by Allen Hutt
Page 217 The Daily Worker by Professor Farrington
Page 220 “Britain in the World Front” By Harry Pollitt
Document of the Month-
Page 222 Text of the Treaty of May 26
Page 223 Review by Aiwa Raj Anand


Vol. 24 August, 1942 Number 8
Page 225 Notes of the Month  —:
The Crisis of the War By R.P.D.
Page 233 Zero Hour - Second Front by Ivor Montagu
Page 240 Firm Will & Work for the Second Front by J.R. Scott
Page 244 Family Allowances by Peter Kerrigan
Page 247 India and Freedom by Clemens Dutt
Page 251 Food and Strategy by “Ploughman”
Page 254 Conditions of Peace by Quaestor
Page 255 China the Unconquerable by Ben Bradley
Page 256 A Study of Birmingham by J.K.
Page 256 Publications Received


Vol. 24 September, 1942 Number 9
Notes of the Month  —:
Page 257   The Moscow Conference
Page 259 India - What Must Be Done By R.P.D.
Page 269 Strategy and the Second Front by William Rust
Page 274 T.U.C. by Arthur Horner
Page 278 Situation in the U.S.S.R. by J.H. Potts
Page 281 Labour in the National Front by Emile Burns
Page 283 Progress or Reaction in Education by Mary Epstein
Page 288 Review: Anti-Semitism and the Jewish Question by Ivor Montagu
Page 288 Publications Received


Vol. 24 October, 1942 Number 10
Page 289 Notes of the Month  —:
The Price of Delay by R.P.D.
Page 295 Deeds, Not Words by Harry Pollitt
Page 301 Situation in the U.S.A. by Bruce Minton
Page 303 Soldier’s Pay and the Second Front by Gunner X-Ray
Page 306 India Must Be Freed by Ben Bradley
Page 308 Blackpool T.U.C. and After by J.R. Campbell
Page 313 How the Ban Was Lifted by William Rust
Page 318 Ceux de Valmy, 1792-1942 by Allen Hutt
Page 320


Vol. 24 November, 1942 Number 11
Page 321 Notes of the Month  —:
Twenty-Five Years by R.P.D.
Page 329 Russia in October-November 1941 by Sir Walter Monckton
Page 330 Soviet Trade Unionism by Will Lawther( Pres Miner’s Federation of G.B.
Page 331 We Salute the U.S.S.R. by Lady MacRobert
Page 332 Throwing Away the Moral Offensive by Bernard Shaw
Page 334 Twenty Years of Collaboration by D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P.
Page 337 The Great Example of a People’s Army by Lt.-Col. Hans Kahle
Page 338 A Greeting from Beatrice Webb
Page 339 Nation Freedom in the U.S.S.R. by Mulk Raj Anand
Page 341 The Significance of Soviet Archeology by V. Gordon Childe, D.Litt., D.Sc., F.B.A.
Page 344 Soviet Industry by Hugh P. Vowles, M.I. Mech. I.
Page 346 We Must Fight by John Horner, (Gen. Sec., The Fire Brigades Union) )
Page 347 Soviet Biology by J.B.S. Haldane, F.R.S. (Member Soviet Academy of Science)
Page 349 U.S.S.R. - Nursery of Genius by Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell, C.B.E., F.R.S.
Page 350 In the Service of Science by Sir Richard Gregory, Bt, F.R.S.


Vol. 24 December, 1942 Number 12
Page 357 Notes of the Month  —:
United Offensive for Victory by R.P.D.
Page 363 Central Strategy by Ivor Montagu
Page 369 Vichy versus the People by Quaestor
Page 374 Stiffen the Sinews by William Rust
Page 377 Indian Deadlock by K.S. Siielvankar
Page 379 The New Christian Socialism by Rev. Amphlett Micklewright
Page 381 Egidio Gennari
Page 383 Mr. H.G. Wells and Communism by the Editor
Page 386 Imperialist War and National War by V.I. Lenin
Book Reviews
Page 386 Indian Light on the Indian Problem by Clemens Dutt
Page 387 Guides to the Far East by Page Arnot
Page 388   The Law and the War and Shorter Notices by S. Murray

Vol. 25 JANUARY 1943 NUMBER 1
Notes of the Month  — War Outlook for 1943 by R.P.D.
The Beveridge Report by WILLIAM GALLAGHER, M.P. 7
The Struggle of Occupied Europe by QUAESTOR 11
The French People Will Choose by JEAN BAUDRE 17
Labour Prospect in 1943 by GEORGE ALLISON 19
Outlook for 1943 by R.G. GOSLING 22
A Miner Looks at 1943 by ABE MOFFAT 24
Anti-Soviet Filth by D. N. PRITT, K.C., M.P. 26
Book Reviews by IVOR MONTAGU and P.G. BARSTOW, M.P 31

Vol. 25 FEBRUARY 1943 NUMBER 2
Notes of the Month  — A single Allied Strategy by R.P.D.
The Communist Party and the Labour Party by HARRY POLITT 40
Education in a Democracy by the late DR. H. G. STEAD 44
Production Offensive by JOAN AUSTIN 47
Youth and Politics by MICK BENNETT 51
Ten Years of Fascist Rule in Germany by ERNST WERNER 55
Post-War Reconstruction: A Memorandum 59
ReviewsThe East Indies by K.S. SHELVANKAR: The Red Navy by JOHN LEWIS 64

Vol. 25 MARCH 1943 NUMBER 3
A Call to the Nation 65
The Road to Labour Unity by R. Palme Dutt 69
Casablanca and After by QUAESTOR 79
Vansittart and the Labour Movement by G. R. SANDISON 83
The Economic Crisis in India by JOHN KNIGHT 86
Pakistan and National Unity by G. ADIKARI 87
The English Popular Masses by KARL MARX 92
Document of the MonthResolution of the Communist Party of India 93
Book Reviews — Imperialism, War and Liberation by CLEMENS Dutt 94
Strategy of Coalition Warfare by HANS KAHLE 95
History in Blinkers by BEN BRADLEY 95

Vol. 25 APRIL 1943 NUMBER 4
Notes of the Month  — The Crisis of the War by R.P.D.
Hitler’s Secret Weapon by IVOR MONTAGU 105
The French Communist Party in the Battle by FERNAND GRENIER 109
Common Wealth or Common Danger by D. N; PRITT, K.C., M.P. 112
The Road to Labour Unity—II. The Evolution of the Labour Party by R. PALME DUTT 115
Beveridge and Health by D. STARK MURRAY 124
Book Reviews — The Patriotic War by ALLEN HUTT 127
Shorter Notices by P.H., P.M. IBBOTSON and J.K. 128

Vol. 25 MAY 1943 NUMBER 5
The Urgent Call of May Day by WILLIAM GALLACHER, M.P 129
Internationalism and Unity by WILL LAWTHER 133
Symposium on Affiliation by PERCY ALLOTT, D.F. SHARMAN, J.P., J. STANLEY, T. SCRAFTON and ERNEST PARKER 136
Road to Labour Unity—III. Communism and the Labour Movement by R. PALME DUTT 142
Stirrings in Ireland by WILLIAM RUST 151
Indian Crisis by BEN BRADLEY 153
Book Reviews Inside Nazi Germany by HANS KAHLE 158
Marx-Engels Selections by WILLIAM RUST 159
Travesty of Jaurès by WILLIAM ZAK 160

Vol. 25 JUNE 1943 NUMBER 6
Notes of the Month  — New Horizons by R.P.D.
A Final Word on Unity by HARRY POLITT 166
The Problem of Unity by P.G. BARSTOW, M.P. 171
Symposium on Affiliation by JOHN HORNER, W. BOYLE, T.W. AGAR 172
Youth and the Nation by MICK BENNETT 174
Anti-Semitism by JOHN GOLLAN 177
First catch your Hare by NORBERT HOLZ 182
The Need for Amalgamation by WAL HANNINGTON 185
A Debt to Pay by PETER KERRIGAN 187
Beatrice Webb by R. PAGE ARNOT 189
Documents of the Month 190
Book Reviews, by B. FARRINGTON and R.P. 192

Vol. 25 JULY 1943 NUMBER 7
Notes of the Month  — Next Steps to Unity by R.P.D.
The Turn in the War by WILLIAM RUST 200
The Labour Conference by J.R. CAMPBELL 205
Hot Springs by GILES NORFOLK 209
Production Problems Today by J.R. SCOTT 215
Women in Industry by PEGGY SHACKLETON 218
Document of the Month 221
Book Reviews Ehrenburg’s Brilliant Tale by THE DEAN OF CANTERBURY 222

Vol. 25 AUGUST 1943 NUMBER 8
Notes of the Month  — The Communist Congress by R.P.D.
Sicily and the Second Front by IVOR MONTAGU 233
Service Pensions by WILLIAM GALLAGHER, M.P. 236
Can they Quench Volcanoes? by QUAESTOR. 239
Housing—in War and Peace by J.R. CAMPBELL 243
Trades Union Congress by PETER KERRIGAN 247
The Kayyur Heroes by P.C. Joshi 250
Engels on Guerilla Warfare 253

Notes of the Month  — The Tocsin of Europe by R.P.D.
The Decisive Phase by QUAESTOR 267
Italian Fascism on the Scrapheap by CLEMENS DUTT 271
The French Liberation Committee by FRANK PITCAIRN 276
The County of London Plan by TED BRAMLEY 278
For Educational Advance by G.C.T. GILES, B.A. 282
Hegel’s Philosophy of Right by ROY and FANIA PASCAL 285

Vol. 25 OCTOBER 1943 NUMBER 10
Notes of the Month  — Two Strategies by R.P.D.
Non-Intervention by WILLIAM RUST 297
From the First to the Second World War by VLADIMIR POTEMKIN 306
Italy by G. Giori 310
Bring in the Technicians by WILLIAM BOYLE 313
Famine in India by V.K. KRISHNA MENON 316
Australian Labour Victory by BELL KEATS 318
Publications Received 320

Vol. 25 NOVEMBER 1943 NUMBER 11
Notes of the Month  — Twenty-six Years by R.P.D.
U.S.S.R. and Britain by D.N. PRITT, K.C., M.P. 330
Three-Power Conference by QUAESTOR 335
Disquiet on the Home Front by J.R. CAMPBELL 342
Industry and Employment after the War by M.H. Dobb 345
The Families of the Kayyur Heroes by N.M. Joshi (General Secretary, India Trades Union Congress) 350
Book Reviews — The Future of Germany by G. R. SANDISON 351
China Advancing by E.S. 351

Vol. 25 DECEMBER 1943 NUMBER 12
Notes of the Month  — Death to Fascism by R.P.D.
The Moscow Conference by QUAESTOR 362
Currency Plans by D. RICHARDS 367
China To-day by ARTHUR CLEGG 372
Changes in Local Government by N. BRANSON 376
Document of the Month—The Moscow Conference 381
Book Reviews — Labour Conditions in U.S.A. by R.P.A. 384
Bomb Phantasy by H.K. 384

Vol. 26 JANUARY 1944 NUMBER 1
Notes of the Month  — Outlook for 1944 by R.P.D.
From Quebec to Teheran by WILLIAM RUST 10
Mosley and Morrison by WILLIAM GALLACHER, M.P. 14
Tito and Mihailovitch: Fact and Myth by IVOR MONTAGU 16
British and Soviet Miners by WILL LAWTHER 21
The Middle East—Teheran, Lebanon and the Future by I. RENNAP 23
The Reparation Problem by a FREE GERMAN 28
Document of the Month — The Teheran Conference 30
Book Reviews — Food Policy by GEORGE MATTHEWS 30
India’s Famine by TARA BASU 32

Vol. 26 FEBRUARY 1944 NUMBER 2
Notes of the Month  — Preparing the Offensive by R.P.D.
Teheran Follow-up by IVOR MONTAGU 41
The U.S.A. and Teheran by FRANK PITCAIRN 44
The War Worker and the Second Front by J.R. CAMPBELL 46
Corsica and the Liberation of France by CLEMENS DUTT 49
American Trade Union Unity 53
Agriculture in 1944 by JACK DUNMAN 57
Students and the War by VAL WALKER 60
Book Reviews The Colonies by G.P. 63
Racial Theory Exposed by BEN BRADLEY 64
Shorter Notices by J.H.H. 61

Vol. 26 MARCH 1944 NUMBER 3
Notes of the Month  — Future of British Politics by R.P.D.
Czechoslovakia and Europe: Speech by Dr. EDVARD BENES (President of Czechoslovakia Republic) 76
Arms for France by FERNAND GRENIER 81
Speaker’s Conference by E.M. WINTERTON 83
Constitutional Changes in U.S.S.R. by JAMES Fox 87
Town Planning by Dr. H.S. PHILLIPS 90
Conservatives and Industry by MAURICE Dobb 93
Book Review : Science in the U.S.S.R. by N.N. 96.

Vol. 26 APRIL 1944 NUMBER 4
Notes of the Month  — Politics of Power by R.P.D.
Future of British Politics (i) by ALEXANDER SLOAN, M.P. 106 (ii) by D.N. PRITT, K.C., M.P. 108 (iii) by EVELYN WALKDEN, M.P. 110
China’s Future? by THE DEAN OF CANTERBURY 111
Miners’ Wages 114
East Prussia by AN EAST PRUSSIAN 119
Colonial Education by E. PALMER 123
Book Reviews — Lest We Forget by SIR GEORGE YOUNG, M.V.O. 126
Soviet Asia by C.P.D. 127
Collective Agreements in U.S.A. by J.K. 127
Well-meaning Educationalists by H.H. 127
Shorter Notices by J.K. and P.A. 128

Vol. 26 MAY 1944 NUMBER 5
Notes of the Month  — Offensive for Victory by R.P.D.
Future of British Politics— (iv) MRS. CORBETT ASHBY 137 (v) DAVID KIRKWOOD, M.P 138 (vi) JOHN HORNER (General Secretary, The Fire Brigades’ Union) 139
Europe and Teheran by QUAESTOR 141
Miners’ Wages 146
Fascism in Latin-America by ANN KELLY 151
The Chukchi Transformed by R. PAGE ARNOT 155
Controversy on Town Planning by F.J. OSBORN & DR. R.H.S. PHILLIPS 157
Book Review —Cloud-cuckoo-land by I.M. 160

Vol. 26 JUNE 1944 NUMBER 6
Notes of the Month  — On the Eve by R.P.D.
Teheran and the Atlantic Charter by IVOR MONTAGU 167
The Stewards’ Place in the Unions by J.R. CAMPBELL 171
Polish-Soviet Friendship by DR. OSCAR LANGE 174
Wages and Prices by JOHN AUSTIN 179
Land Workers’ Conference by JACK DUNMAN 182
The Need for a Mineworkers’ Journal by G.W. HOLLOWAY 183
“China’s Destiny” by CHEN PAI-TA 184
Book Reviews — Back in the old sewer by QUAESTOR 189
Shot and Shell by R.P.D. 192 Stalingrad Diary by P.A. 192

Vol. 26 JULY 1944 NUMBER 7
A Call to Action by William Gallacher, M.P. 193
Notes of the Month  — The Great Offensive by R.P.D. 194
The Second Front by WILLIAM RUST 199
Algiers and the Liberation of France by CLEMENS DUTT 204
Full Employment by J.R. CAMPBELL 209
The Co-operative Century by T. VERNON 214
The Swing to the Left by E.M. WINTERTON 219
Book Review —Professorial Jungle-Worshipper by R.P.D. 223

Vol. 26 AUGUST 1944 NUMBER 8
Notes of the Month  — New Perspectives by R.P.D.
Teheran in Deeds by HARRY POLLITT 232
The U.S. Presidency by IVOR MONTAGU 239
Government Post-War Policy by JOHN GOLLAN 243
Democracy in Latin America by ANN KELLY 249
Book Reviews Co-operatives—and the Future by R.G. GOSLING 254
Fascist Economy by J.L. 255

Notes of the Month  —Foundations of the Future by R.P.D. 257
The Crisis in Germany by a GERMAN ANTI-FASCIST 264
“Britain for the People” by G.D.H. COLE 268
Danger Signals in Indian Economy by S.A. DANGE 269
The Liberation of Poland by QUAESTOR 273
Communism and Italian Unity by PALMIRO TOGLIATTI 276
China’s Destiny by CHEN PAI-TA 278
Book Reviews
Debate on Africa by LEONARD BARNES 285
Planning for India by R.P.D 286
Correspondence 287

Vol. 26 OCTOBER 1944 NUMBER 10
Notes of the Month  —Political Prospects by R.P.D. 289
Dumbarton Oaks by QUAESTOR 299
Southport to Blackpool by GEORGE ALLISON 305
Why Versailles Failed by B. STEIN 309
Indian Trade Unions 313
Socialist-Communist Unity in Italy by PIETRO NENNI 3l4.
“How to Win the Peace” by WILLIAM RUST 315
Book Reviews Searchlight on India by R.P.D. 317
G.B.S. Boiled Down by R.P.A. 319

Vol. 26 NOVEMBER 1944 NUMBER 11
Notes of the Month  —Victorious Anniversary by R.P.D. 321
Twenty-seven Years by WILLIAM GALLACHER, M.P. 330
War Criminals by D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P. 332
The War Against Japan by WILLIAM RUST 339 The Trades Union Congress and the New Britain by J.R. CAMPBELL 342
Welsh National Rights by C. LLOYD HUMPHREYS 346
Book Reviews — The Tribe of Ambassadors by R.P.A. 351 Shorter Notice 352

Vol. 26 DECEMBER 1944 NUMBER 12
Notes of the Month  —Next Year’s Elections by R.P.D. 353
The Lair of the Beast by IVOR MONTAGU 361
The Labour Party Conference by P.G. BARSTOW, M.P. 365
French Political Situation by CLEMENS DUTT 367
The Communist Congress by E.M. WINTERTON 372
Wages and Exports by MARGOT HEINEMANN 375
Full Employment by EMILE BURNS 381
Book Reviews — Gerrard Winstanley by DONA TORR 383
Tennessee Valley by J. GOLLAN 384

Vol. 27 JANUARY 1945 NUMBER 1
Notes of the Month  — Year of Victory and Liberation by R.P.D.
Prospects for 1945—Symposium EARL BROWDER (by cable from U.S.A.) 9
DR. DRAGO MARUSIC (Deputy Premier, Yugoslav Government) 9
GUSTAV BEUER (Former Member of the Czechoslovak Parliament) 13
S.A. DANGE (President of the All-Indian Trades Union Congress) 15
WILL LAWTHER (President, Miners Federation of Great Britain) 17
R. COPPOCK (General Secretary, National Federation of Building Trade Operatives) 18
ALFRED W. BURROWS (Organising Secretary, National Union of Distributive and Allied Workers) 20
HARRY ADAMS (President, Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers) 20
Lessons of the Labour Conference by HARRY POLLITT 22
Greek Fire by IVOR MONTAGU 28

Vol. 27 FEBRUARY 1945 NUMBER 2
Notes of the Month  —: Tehran—Act II by R.P.D. 33
The World Trade Union Conference by ARTHUR HORNER 41
Anglo-American Economic Conflict by J.R. CAMPBELL 47
The French Political Situation in 1945 by CLEMENS DUTT 51
Equal Pay by L.C. WHITE 55
Mr. Brailsford, Devil’s Advocate by ILYA EHRENBURG 58
Document of the Month—C.I.O. Convention Resolution 61
Book Reviews The Liberation of Burma by M.C. 62
Onslaught on Tories by WM. GALLACHER, M.P. 62
Darkest Hungary by E.S. 63
India’s Food and Population by MICHAEL CARRITT 63

Vol. 27 MARCH 1945 NUMBER 3
Notes of the Month  — Crimea Covenant by R.P.D 65
The World Trade Union Conference (i) B. FRACHON, General Secretary of the C.G.T. 73
(ii) ERNEST THORNTON, Chairman of Australian Delegation 74
(iii) S.A. DANGE, Chairman, All-India Trades Union Congress 75
(iv) WILL LAWTHER, President, National Union of Mineworkers 76
Reparations by MAURICE DOBB 78
Crimea and the Liberation of Europe by QUAESTOR 82
The Bulgarian Trials by MICHAEL PADEV 85
Housing in Sheffield by COUNCILLOR HOWARD HILL 87
The Soldiers’ Vote by GROUND STAFF 90
Document of the Month—The Crimea Conference 92
Book Reviews — Shot and Shell—without Strategy by R.P.D. 96
Shorter Notice 96

Vol. 27 APRIL 1945 NUMBER 4
Notes of the Month  — Election Prospects by R.P.D 97
The Crimea Conference (i) THE EARL OF LYTTON, K.G. 106
(iv) DR. HADEN GUEST, M.P. 108
(vii) QUINTIN HOGG, M.P. 111
(viii) HAMILTON KERR, M.P. 112
(ix) J.D. MACK, M.P. 113
(xiii) ALEXANDER SLOAN, M.P. 117
(xiv) D.N. PRITT, K.C., M.P. 118
Who is to Plan our Post-war Industries? by MARGOT HEINEMANN 119
A Little Spring-cleaning by QUAESTOR 123
Brailsford Replies to Ehrenburg 126
Book Review —Shorter Notice by R.P.A. 128

Vol. 27 MAY 1945 NUMBER 5
Notes of the Month  — May Day by R.P.D 129
San Francisco by QUAESTOR 138
Labour on the Eve by J.R. CAMPBELL 143
Accomplices of Hitler by DR. ECER, Czechoslovak Representative on the
War Crimes Commission 146
Ireland by W.H. MCCULLOUGH 150
Africa in the Post-War World—a Manifesto 154
Book Reviews — A Text-book on Money by M.H. DOBB 156
Scotland by WM. GALLACHER, M.P. 158
Co-operative Evangelist-Critic by R.G. GOSLING 158
Marxism a Guide to Action by T.A. JACKSON 160
Shorter Notice by P.A 160

Vol. 27 JUNE 1945 NUMBER 6
Notes of the Month  — Victory—and After by R.P.D 163
Tory Election Tricks by IVOR MONTAGU 169
Light on the Chinese Puzzle by I. EPSTEIN 173
Mines Nationalisation in France by CLEMENS DUTT 178
India and the British Election by S.A. DANGE 181
Rumania’s Road to Democracy by C.D. LOVRIN 184
Torture in Argentina by JOHN W. WHITE 187
Book Review— How slavery killed Greek science by J.B.S. HALDANE 190
Soviet Foreign Policy by VIATOR 191
Independent Austria by O.A. Shorter Notice 192

Vol. 27 JULY 1945 NUMBER 7
Rouse the Masses by WILLIAM GALLACHER M.P. 193
Notes of the Month  — Britain’s Choice by R.P.D 194
The Communist Party and the Election by HARRY POLL ITT 197
The Mean Street by WILLIAM RUST 202
Finding the Money by J.R. CAMPBELL 205
Women and the Elections by GLADYS DRIVER 208
Demands of the Forces by CAPTAIN W. ALEXANDER 210
Tory Foreign Policy by R. PAGE ARNOT 213
The China Policy of Churchill—and Others by ARTHUR CLEGG 217
The Mare’s Nest on Bornholm by OMEGA 218
Document of the Month—Communist Election Policy 220
Book Review — Communist Policy on Agriculture by MAURICE CORNFORTH 223

Vol. 27 AUGUST 1945 NUMBER 8
Notes of the Month  — Britain Moves Left by R.P.D 194
The Election Campaign by IVOR MONTAGU 231
Britain and Greece by N. ZACHARIADES 234
Engels by J.B.S. HALDANE, F.R.S. 235
Twenty-five Year of the Communist Party by R. PAGE ARNOT 236
On the Dissolution of the Communist Party of the United States by JACQUES DUCLOS 239
Postscript—Resolution of C.P.A. of U.S.A. 250
Messages from India, Burma, Ceylon 252
Book ReviewsIndian Problems by MICHAEL CARRITT 256
U.S.S.R. Geography by Q 256

Notes of the Month  — From War to Peace by R.P.D 257
The Labour Triumph of 1945 by JOSEPH REEVES, M.P. 268
Municipal Election Prospects—in Birmingham by FRED LONGDEN, M.P. 270
Nuclear Energy and the Future 272
The T.U.C. and the Government by J.R. CAMPBELL 274
Whither Toryism? by R. PAGE ARNOT 278
Document of the Month—The Tripartite Conference of Berlin 280
Book Reviews — A Marxist Looks at the Civil Service by L.W. 287
The Rebirth of France by CLEMENS DUTT 288

Vol. 27 OCTOBER 1945 NUMBER 10
Notes of the Month  — Problems of Peace by R.P.D 289
Coal Situation in Great Britain by ARTHUR HORNER 293
Economic Situation and Labour Policy by MAURICE DOBB 299
Western Bloc by WILLIAM RUST 304
France and Europe by CLEMENS DUTT 308
Problems of Labour Unity in Norway by GEORGE RUDE 310
Dawn over East Asia by ARTHUR CLEGG 314
Book Reviews — Patrick Geddes by H.S.P. 319
Shorter Notice by M.C. 320

Vol. 27 NOVEMBER 1945 NUMBER 11
Notes of the Month  — Whither Britain by R.P.D 321
The 28th Anniversary by THE DEAN OF CANTERBURY 330
What is Democracy? by WM. GALLACHER, M.P. 331
A Constituent Assembly for India by MICHAEL CARRITT 347
The British Universities by Professor Roy PASCAL 345
Germany by PETER FIELD 349

Vol. 27 DECEMBER 1945 NUMBER 12
Notes of the Month  — Crisis of British Foreign Policy by R.P.D 353
The Indonesian War of Independence by ARTHUR CLEGG 360
Cotton Working Party by MARGOT HEINEMANN 364
Meaning of Docks Dispute by NORAH BROWN 368
Course of the Industrial Cycle after the War by E. VARGA 372
Western Europe Ltd. by QUAESTOR 379
Document of the Month —World Trade Union Federation 382
Book Reviews — Fabian Fable by R.P.D. 383
Electricity in Britain by N.B 384

Vol. 28 JANUARY 1946 NUMBER 1
Notes of the Month  —Prospects for 1946 by R.P.D. 1
I. The Moscow Conference II. World and Nation III. Washington Financial Agreements
The Communist Party Congress by HARRY POLLITT 12
Affiliation by TED BRAMLEY 17
Why these Strikes? by Jim GARDNER 23
Palestine by JACK GASTER 27
Book Reviews — Welcome Revival by R.P.D. 31
Memory of the Means Test by WAL HANNINGTON 32

Vol. 28 FEBRUARY 1946 NUMBER 2
Notes of the Month  —Uno and Britain by R.P.D. 33
Nationalisation of the Coal Industry by ARTHUR L. HORNER 41
Foreign Trade Problems by MARGOT HEINEMANN 51
Syria and Lebanon by NICOLAS SHAWI 56
Mandalay and After by G. CARRITT 59
Book Reviews — Discovering Philosophy by M.C 63
France, then and now by C.P.D. 63
Remote from Greece by P.S. 64

Vol. 28 MARCH 1946 NUMBER 3
Notes of the Month  —Ten Points for the Trade Union Conference on Man-Power by R.P.D. 65
Mr. Bevin and British Foreign Policy by K. ZILLIACUS 71
Unity, Then and Now by JOHN HORNER 75
A Square Deal for Women by BERT PAPWORTH 78
The Investment Bill by J. WINTER 81
India and Pakistan by R. PALME DUTT 83
Karl Marx, 1818-1883 94 Book Reviews — Small Beer Chronicles by A.R. 95

A Pre-War Pole by Q., Cambridge by C.P.D. 96

Literary Essays by A.C.M.; Shorter Notices 96

Vol. 28 APRIL 1946 NUMBER 4
Notes of the Month  —No Third World War by R.P.D. 97
What is Russia After? by QUAESTOR 107
Science and the Welfare of Mankind by S. LILLEY, M.Sc., Ph.D. 111
German Workers Unite by J. W1NTERNITZ 115
The French Political Scene by DEREK KARTUN 119
For a Democratic B.B.C. by PEGGIE MACIVER 124
Book Reviews — Coupland’s Plan for India by K.S. SHELVANKAR 127
Another Welcome Revival by R.P.D. 128

Vol. 28 MAY 1946 NUMBER 5
Notes of the Month  —May Day of Peace by R.P.A. 129
Persia, Greece and Uno by QUAESTOR 136
Open Letter to Wm. Gallacher and P. Piratin by K. ZILLIACUS, M.P. 141
The Engineering Industry by JAMES DAVIDSON 144
A Nuremberg and You by IVOR MONTAGU 147
A Malaya Re-occupied by MICHAEL CARRITT 151
Travel Notes by R. PALME DUTT 155
Book Reviews — Reading with Tears by I.M 159
India’s Food Problem by A.G. 160

Vol. 28 JUNE 1946 NUMBER 6
Notes of the Month  —Peace in the Balance by Clemens Dutt 161
Bogy over Bournemouth by IVOR MONTAGU 167
Where is that Production Drive? by J.R. CAMPBELL 170
Lord Keynes by M.D. 175
Famine by F. Le GROS CLARK, M.A. 178
Travel Notes No. 2 by R. PALME DUTT 184
Letter from Dr. SJAHRIR (Prime Minister of the Indonesian Republic) 190
Book Reviews — The Outlook for Visual Arts by JAMES BOSWELL 191
World Trade Unionism by A.R. 191
The Freedom of the Press by H.C. 192

Vol. 28 JULY 1946 NUMBER 7
Our First Quarter of a Century by THE EDITOR 193
Notes of the Month  —Then and Now by R Page Arnot 195
Outlook after Bournemouth by H. POLLITT 201
The Elections in Europe by WILLIAM RUST 206
Cotton Working Party by WILLIAM BOLTON 210
Bombay by R. PALME DUTT 213
Travel Notes No. 3 by R. PALME DUTT 216
25th Anniversary Greetings 221
Book Reviews — British Restaurants by LEN POWELL 226
A New “Poetics"? by H.S.D. 226
Facts on Germany by J.W. 227
Pollitt on Czechoslovakia by J.W. 227
Labour M.P.s on Austria by J.W. 227

Vol. 28 AUGUST 1946 NUMBER 8
Notes of the Month  —Food and Foreign Policy by R. Page Arnot 229
A Year of Labour Government by WILLIAM GALLACHER, M.P. 235
The Second Paris Conference by QUAESTOR 239
Independence for India? by R. PALME BUTT 245
World Trade Unionism Sets to Work by CLEMENS DUTT 249
Prospects in the U.S.A. by IVOR MONTAGU 252
Book Review — The Causes of the German Catastrophe by J. WINTERNITZ 257
Greetings from U.S.A. 260

What We Fight for by PETER KERRIGAN 261
Britain’s Economic Balance-Sheet by MARGOT HEINEMANN 266
The New Jugoslavia by JAMES KLUGMANN 271
Egypt and the Middle East Crisis by GEORGE AUDIT 276
France Today by DR. EDGAR LONGUET 280
Travel Notes No.4 by R. PALME DUTT 282
A Labour Saint by WILLIAM RUST 288
Book Review Steel by JOHN AUSTIN 291

Vol. 28 OCTOBER 1946 NUMBER 10
Notes of the Month  —New Stirrings by R.P.D. 293
October T.U.C. by GEORGE ALLISON 304
The Rift in the Bloc by IVOR MONTAGU 307
"Not Guilty” by SHEIKH ABDULLA 311
America’s “Large Policy” by ARTHUR CLEGG 315
Travel Notes No.5 by R. PALME DUTT 319

Vol. 28 NOVEMBER 1946 NUMBER 11
Important Announcement by the Editorial Board 325
Notes of the Month  —The Thirtieth Year by R.P.D. 327
The Soviet Anniversary by D.N. PRITT, ,K.C., M.P. 333
Peace-making at Paris by QUAESTOR 335
Why Housing is Slow by J. RYAN (London District Organiser, Amalga¬mated Union of Building Trade Workers) 340
"Reconstruction” in Burma by RICHARD AUSTIN 345
Molotov’s Final Speech at Paris (October 14, 1946) 348
Book Review Nehru’s New Book by KRISHEN BEHAR 356

Vol. 28 DECEMBER 1946 NUMBER 12
Notes of the Month  — by R.P.D. 359
After the Brighton T.U.C. by HARRY POLLITT 366
Elections in France by DEREK KARTUN 372
Labour, Socialism—and Mr. Morrison by ALEX MASSIE 374
Mr. Churchill’s Record by E.M. WINTERTON 378
Malaya’s “Constitution” by H.B. Lim (Secretary of the Malayan Democratic Union) 380
Disarmament, V.M. Molotov’s Speech 383
Book Review — Transatlantic Tariffs by F.V. 385
Primitive Accumulation in New England by A.R. 385
The New Czechoslovakia by J.W. 386
Manual for Exploiters by J.D. 386 *******

Vol. 29 JANUARY 1947 NUMBER 1
Notes of the Month  —The New Battle for Britain by R.P.D. 1
Europe Today by K. ZILLIACUS, M.P. 9
Coal and the Miners by A.L. HORNER 14
Trusteeship and the Colonial Question by LEONARD BARNES 18
The General Crisis of Capitalism by E. VARGA 23
Book Reviews .— Dobb as Historian by RODNEY HILTON 29
Bluff and Bluster by HARRY POLLITT 30
A Jubilee History by JAMES DAVIDSON 30
Shorter Notices by P.A., A.C. and M.J.C. 31

Vol. 29 FEBRUARY 1947 NUMBER 2
Notes of the Month  —Britain and the Empire by R.P.D. 33
Europe Today (ii) by R.H.S. CROSSMAN, M.P. 44
The Agricultural Bill by WOGAN PHILIPPS 45
A Trip to the United States by WILLIAM GALLACHER, M.P. 49
The General Crisis of Capitalism by E. VARGA 56
Book Reviews — The Soviet Impact on the Western World by E.H. CARR 62
Shorter Notices by A.G.P. and R.F. 63-64

Vol. 29 MARCH 1947 NUMBER 3
Notes of the Month  —Lessons of the Crisis by R.P.D. 65
Europe Today (iii)— LESLIE J. SOLLEY, M.P. 74 J.P.W. MALLALIEU, M.P. 75
The Fight for Freedom by IVOR MONTAGU 77
The Virtuous Spiral by ELINOR. BURNS 82
The Colonial Question by MICHAEL CARRITT 87
Document of the Month and Map 91
Book Reviews — Ireland Her Own by T.A. JACKSON: GEORGE THOMSON 95
Shorter Notice by H.H. 96

Vol. 29 APRIL 1947 NUMBER 4
Notes of the Month  —America and Britain by R.P.D. 97
How to Reorganise the Government by HARRY POLLITT 109
Europe Today (iv)— LESTER HUTCHINSON, M.P. 113 MRS. E. M. BRADDOCK, M.P. 114 BENN W. LEVY, M.P. 115
Canada by TIM BUCK 117
Caucasus Week by J. TODD and D.N. PRITT, K.C., M.P. (with map) 122
Book Reviews — The New United States by EDGAR EUGENE ROBINSON: I.M. 128
Marxism and the Democratic Tradition by A. LANDY: C.P. Dutt 128

Vol. 29 MAY 1947 NUMBER 5
Note to Readers 129
Notes of the Month  —Labour’s Choice by R.P.D. 131
More Planning and More Democracy by J.R. CAMPBELL 142
German Reparations—The Facts by QUAESTOR 146
Wallace Speaks for the Common Man by DEREK KARTUN 149
Europe Today (v) by DONALD BRUCE, M.P. 152
Imperialism and the Indian Army by NEIL STEWART 155
Book Review — The Population of the Soviet Union by DR. FRANK LORIMER: A.R. 159

Vol. 29 JUNE 1947 NUMBER 6
Notes of the Month  —Six Months of Decision by R.P.D 161
Production by GAVIN MARTIN 171
Bi-Zonal Germany by IVOR MONTAGU 175
The United States Today (i) The Attack on U.S. Labour by JAMES KLUGMANN 179
World Imperialism Today by EDVARD KARDELJ 183
Book Review - The Theory of Capitalist Development by Paul M. Sweezy: by J. WINTERNITZ 188
Correspondence 192

Vol. 29 JULY 1947 NUMBER 7
Notes of the Month  —Fruits of Margate by R.P.D 193
Labour Party Conference (i) by K. ZILLIACUS, M.P. 199 (ii) by HAROLD DAVIES, M.P. 200
Cotton Textile Industry by A. NAESMITH 201 (General Secretary of the Amalgamated Weavers' Association )
The Problem of Power by C.R. HOBSON, M.P. 203
The United States Today (ii)— The United States and World Trade by J.R. CAMPBELL 205
India by R. PALME DUTT 210
From an Engineering Shop by REG. BIRCH 219
Book Review— Class Struggles in Ancient Greece by Margaret O. Wason: G. Thomson 223

Vol. 29 AUGUST 1947 NUMBER 8
Notes of the Month  —The Grip of the Dollar by R. PAGE ARNOT 225
The Marshall “Plan” by QUAESTOR 230
Production in the Foundry by JIM GARDNER 233 (General Secretary of the Amalgamated Union of Foundry Workers )
Democracy of a New Type by EUGENE VARGA 235
The United States Today (iii)— The Negro People by BETTY WALLACE 242
Caucasus Week (ii) by J. TODD and D. N. PRITT, K.C., M.P. 245
Book Reviews — Mirror of the Present by K. Zilliacus: R. Palme Dutt 255
Shorter Notice: J.W. 256

Notes of the Month  —The Government and the Crisis by R. PAGE ARNOT 225
What To Do by ARTHUR HORNER 265
Anglo-Soviet Negotiations by QUAESTOR 270
Democracy of a New Type (ii) by EUGENE VARGA 276
Malaya: Future of Rubber by NEIL STEWART 279
W.H. Thompson by R. PAGE ARNOT 284
Book Review — Thirty Years Ago by William Gallacher 286

Vol. 29 OCTOBER 1947 NUMBER 10
Notes of the Month  —Britain’s Crisis and the World’s by R. PAGE ARNOT 289
The Southport T.U.C. by JOHN HORNER 299 (Gen. Secretary Fire Brigades Union )
The Fight for a Wages Policy by GEORGE ALLISON 303
U.S.A. and World Situation by JAMES KLUGMANN 306
The Punjab Riots by P.C. JOSHI (Secretary Communist Party of India ) 312
Book Reviews — Looking Ahead by Harry Pollitt: Will Lowther 316 (President National Union of Mineworkers )
The Decline of the Roman Empire in the West by F. W. Walbank: J.B.S. Haldane, F.R.S. 317
There is a Spirit in Europe: M.J. Carritt 318 The British General Election of 1945 by R.B. McCallum and A. Readman: R.P.D. 319
Shorter Notices 319
Correspondence 320 (reply to Class Struggles in Ancient Greece)

Vol. 29 NOVEMBER 1947 NUMBER 11
Salute to the Soviet Union from D.N. PRITT K.C. M.P. 321
Notes of the Month  —Two Camps—One World by R.P.D. 323
Democratic Planning in the Soviet Union by WAL. HANNINGTON 333
Cripps and the Alternative by J.R. CAMPBELL 337
Reshuffle to the Right by WILLIAM RUST 341
Sidney Webb by R. PALME DUTT 344
Document of the Month — The Nine-Party Conference: Resolution and Declaration 347
Review — J.V. Stalin. Sochineniya. Vol. I. 1901-7: J. Winternitz 349 A Hundred Years Ago—Letter to Marx from Engels 352

Vol. 29 DEDEMBER 1947 NUMBER 12
Notes of the Month  —Political Danger Signals World by R. PAGE ARNOT 323
British Trade with Eastern Europe by BEN PARKIN, M.P. 361
Social-Democracy in Europe—Left or Right? by JAMES KLUGMANN 364
Harriman and Cripps by MARGOT HEINEMANN 369
What happened in 1939 (Speech of A.Y. Vyshinsky) 374
100 Years Ago —Marx and Engels speak in London 378
Document of the Month — United Nations Resolution against Warmongers 380
Communication from J. Winternitz [On the July review of The Decline of the Roman Empire in the West] 381
Book Reviews — The Watershed by A. Calder-Marshall and Partisan Picture by Basil Davidson: Kenneth Syers 382
Life in Russia by John Lawrence: Gordon Schaffer 384



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