International Workingmen’s Association 1867

Card Issued to Societies forming the Association

Source: MECW, Volume 20, p. 369;
Published: as a leaflet in London in the summer of 1867.

The Central Council adopted a decision to issue such cards at its meeting on February 7, 1865. This particular copy was filled in on behalf of the London Operative Bricklayers’ Society by its Executive Council. The date of affiliation to the International (the 21st of February 1865) was inserted, most probably, retrospectively, because the card was issued only in the summer of 1865, as (an be seen from the list of corresponding secretaries in the printed card. The list included E. Dupont, elected Corresponding Secretary for France on April 11, 1865 and L. Lewis who became a member of the Central Council on May 30, 1865 and was elected Corresponding Secretary for America on June 6.

International Working Men’s Association Founded on 28th September, 1864, at a Public Meeting held at St. Martin’s Hall, London

Central Council,
18 Greek Street, London, W.

The Address and Statutes issued by the Provisional Central Council fully explain the Association’s objects and aspirations, which, however, may be summed up in a few words. It aims at the protection, advancement, and complete emancipation, economical and political, of the Working Classes. As a means to this great end it will promote the establishment of solidarity between the manifold divisions of labour in each country, and the co-operation of the Working Classes of different countries.

Its Organisation, with a Central Medium at London, and numerous affiliated Branches in Europe and America, will assist in uniting the Working Classes of all countries in a perpetual bond of fraternal co-operation. Annual Congresses of Delegates, elected by the affiliated Working Men themselves, will create for the Working Classes a public and powerful European representation.

The Executive Council on behalf of the Operative Bricklayers’ Society, assembled at the 25, Hatfield Street, Blackfriars, London, having subscribed to the principles, and applied to enter the fraternal bond, are hereby admitted as an affiliated Branch of the Association.

Dated the 21st of February 1865

G. Odger, President of Council
G. W. Wheeler, Honorary, Treasurer
E. Dupont, Corresponding Secretary for France.
K. Marx, do Germany.
E. Holtorp, do Poland.
H. Jung, do Switzerland.
L. Lewis, do America
W. R. Cremer, Honorary General Secretary.