International Working Men’s Association 1865

To Trade, Friendly, or any Working Men’s Societies

Source: Minutes of the General Council of the International Workingmen’s Association, 1864-1886, Progress Publishers, 1964, printed according to the leaflet;
Written: in June 1865;
First Published: as a leaflet In London in the summer of 1865;
Transcribed: for by Andy Blunden.

The decision to address an invitation to working men’s societies in Britain to join the International was taken by the General Council at its meeting of June 6, 1865.

Central Council — 18, Greek Street, London, W.

Trade, Friendly, or any Working Men’s Societies are invited to join in their corporate capacity, the only condition being that the Members subscribe to the principles of the Association, and pay for the declaration of their enrolment (which is varnished and mounted on canvas and roller), the sum of 5s. No contributions are demanded from Societies joining, it being left to their means and discretion to contribute or not, or as they may from time to time deem the efforts of the Association worthy of support.

The Central Council will be pleased to send the Address and Rules, which fully explain the principles and aims of the Association, to any Society applying for them; and, if within the London district, deputations will gladly attend to afford any further information that may be required. Societies joining are entitled to send a representative to the Central Council. The amount of contribution for individual members is 1s. per annum, with 1d. for Card of Membership; which may be obtained, with every information concerning the Association, by applying to the Honorary Secretary, or at the Central Council’s Meetings, which are held every Tuesday Evening, at 18, Greek Street, From Eight to Ten o'clock.

E. Dupont, Corresponding Secretary for France.
K. Marx, Germany.
E. Holtrop, Corresponding Secretary for Poland.
H. Jung, Corresponding Secretary for Switzerland.
L. Lewis, Corresponding Secretary for America.
G. Odger, President of Central Council.
G. W. Wheeler, Hon. Treasurer.
W. R. Cremer, Hon. Gen. Sec.


We, the Members of the            


at the                  

declare our entire concurrence with the principles and aims of the International Working Men’s Association, and pledge ourselves to disseminate and reduce them to practice; and as an earnest of our sincerity we hereby apply to the Central Council to be admitted into the fraternal bond as an affiliated Branch of the Association.

Signed on behalf of the Members,                   in number.