International Working Men’s Association 1865

Programme of the London Conference

Source: Minutes of the General Council of the International Workingmen’s Association, 1864-1886, Progress Publishers, 1964, printed according to the leaflet;
Written: in September 1865;
First Published: as a leaflet in London in September 1865;
Transcribed: for by Andy Blunden.

On the following day, September 28, 1865, a soirée was held in St. Martin’s Hall, to celebrate the foundation of the International Working Men’s Association.

The General Council printed its announcement about the convocation of the London Conference in two leaflets, the texts of which are practically identical. The second leaflet listed the names of the General Council members from whom tickets could be obtained for the soirée. The announcement was also printed, but without the programme, in The Workman’s Advocate, Nos. 131-33, September 9, 16 and 23, 1865, respectively.

Central Council: — 18, Greek Street, London, W.

On the 25th September and following days

of delegates from the principal branches of the Association in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium, will be held with the members of the Central Council, when the following programme will be discussed:

1. — Questions relating to the Congress.*
2. — Questions relating to the organisation of the Association.
3. — Combination of effort by means of the Association in the different national struggles between Capital and Labour.
4. — Trades’ Unions, their past, present, and future.
5. — Co-operative labour.
6. — Direct and indirect taxation.
7. — Reduction of the number of hours of labour.
8. — Female and children’s labour.
9. — The Muscovite invasion of Europe, and the re-establishment of an integral and independent Poland.
10. — Standing Armies: their effects upon the interests of the productive classes.

Trade, friendly, or any working men’s associations, are invited to send delegates; the Conference will assemble at six o'clock in the evening.

* It is contemplated (next year) calling a general congress of representatives from the various working men’s associations in Europe and America.

On the 28th September

will be held in St. Martin’s Hall, Long Acre, to celebrate the foundation of the Association; to welcome the Continental delegates; and to propose an address to the people of America, congratulating them on the abolition of slavery, and the triumph of the Republic.

The entertainment will consist of a tea; choruses by the German Working Men’s Choral Society; addresses by the Continental delegates, and other friends; selections by the band of the Italian Working Men’s Association; dancing, &c.

Tea on the table at half past seven.

Tickets for the entire entertainment 1s.

Tickets to admit after tea, half past eight, 6d. To be had of any member of the Central Council; at 4, Charles Street, Northampton Square, Clerkenwell; 56, Drury Lane; 25, Hatfield Street, Blackfriars; 18, Greek Street, on Tuesday evenings, from 8 to 10 o'clock; 10 and 11, Bedford Street, Strand; and of the Hon. Gen. Secretary, W. R. Cremer, 31, Gt. Titchfield Street, W.