International Working Men’s Association 1865

Programme of Second Soirée at St. Martin’s Hall, Long Acre

Source: Minutes of the General Council of the International Workingmen’s Association, 1864-1886, Progress Publishers, 1964, printed according to the leaflet;
Written: in September 1865;
First Published: as a leaflet In London in September 1865;
Transcribed: for by Andy Blunden.

Central Council: — 18, Greek Street, London, W.

On the 28th September, 1865,

To celebrate the foundation of the Association; to welcome the Continental delegates; and to congratulate the people of America on the abolition of slavery, and the triumph of the Republic.

Tea on the table at half past seven.
During the tea the band of the Italian Working Men’s Association will perform the following selections:
1st. — Kossuth March.
2nd. — Capriccio per Cornets and Euphonium
3rd. — Guards Valse by Signor Mora.

At half past 8 Citizen Odger, President of the Central Council, will take the chair and open the proceedings; after which an address to the People of America will be proposed by Citizens Cremer and Jones.

Address in French, by Citizen Tolain, delegate from Paris.

Address in German, by Citizen Becker, delegate from the German Association.

The German Chorus led by Citizen Kriess will sing:

1st. — The Hunters’ Pleasure, by G. A. Astholz,
2nd. — The German Song, by T. W. Wollinwoda.
3rd. — The Workshop, by W. Hohn.

Address by Citizen Dupleix, delegate from Switzerland. Address by Citizen Paepe, delegate from Belgium. Address by Citizen Bobczynski, delegate from the Polish Association. The German Chorus will sing:

The Watch on the Rhine — by Schmitz.
W. A. B. C. — by Carl Wollner.
The Cross on the Brook — by Wrentyer.
The Marseillaise — by Rouget de Lisle.
Reading by Citizen Odger (Honesty) — by Eliza Cook.

At half past 10 dancing will commence:

1st. — Palermo Polka — Canti
2nd. — Quadrille
3rd. — Schottische
4th. — Valse — Godfrey
5th. — Lancers — Albert
6th. — Mazurka
7th. — Caledonians — Cootes
8th. — Varsovienne — Tonatta
9th. — Polka Italia — Martini

An interval of 20 minutes for refreshment and, promenade


1st. — Parisian Quadrille
2nd. — Schottische
3rd. — Lancers — Albert
4th. — Valse — Godfrey
5th. — Polka la bella — Gigogine Giorgi
6th. — Caledonians — Cootes
7th. — Mazurka
8th. — Quadrille
9th. — Varsovienne and Gallop

Cards of membership can be obtained in the Committee room, under the platform. Enter by the left hand door. FEMALES are eligible as members. Annual Subscription, 1s. 1d. Address and Rules, 1d.

Wines, spirits, ales, stout, tea, coffee, &c., at tavern prices.

The entire arrangements are under the management of Citizen Cremer, to whom enquiries can be addressed in the Committee room.