Sparticists 1914

The German SDP and the War

Source: “German SDP and the War,” Justice, 12th November 1914, p.1. Justice was the weekly paper of the British Socialist Party;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

The Zurich Social-Democratic organ “Volksrecht” published the following declaration on October 31:

“Comrades Dr. Sudekum and Richard Fischer have made an attempt in the Party Press of the neutral countries (Sweden, Italy and Switzerland) to give their version of the attitude of the Social-Democracy on the war. We find ourselves compelled in consequence to declare in the same Press that we and certainly many other German Social-Democrats regard the war, its causes, as well as the part played by Social-Democracy in the present situation, from a standpoint which in no way corresponds to that of the comrades Sudekum and Fischer. The fact that we are under martial law makes it impossible for us at present to defend our views publicly.


Karl Liebknecht.
Rosa Luxemburg.
Franz Mehring.
Clara Zetkin.

September 10, 1914.”