On Russian Domestic Issues (1918)

  Portion of Lenin's address on the struggle against capitalism Summers to Lansing 26 | 4
  SR telegram to French SR on disaproval of Soviet/German peace Francis to Lansing 1 | 5
  German military domination, and food situation Summers to Lansing 2 | 5
  Closing newspapers, British demands, and famine in Petrograd Poole to Lansing 12 | 5
  Refusal to recognize Brest-Litovsk treaty, and reason for current conditions Francis to Lansing ? | 6
  Raising food prices in Petrograd and Allied intervention for Russian people Francis to Lansing 5 | 6
  Lenin's efforts to remedy famine and need for Allied intervention before German Poole to Lansing 8 | 6
  Bolshevik problems in party and with workingmen Morris to Lansing 10 | 6
  Assasination of Count Mirbach Poole to Lansing 6 | 7
  Withdrawl of German request (on troops in Moscow) and on SR activity declining Poole to Lansing 17 | 7