On Intervention (1918)

Justification for US Intervention
  Robins anarchist encounter, 'race' to gain favour with Soviet, and Soviet neutrality Francis to Lansing 15 | 4
  Proposed Bolshevik involvement in the war and moving allied military into Russia Reading to Lansing 16 | 4
  Plan for intervention and attempt to cooperate with but not recognize Soviet (ect.) Francis to Lansing 2 | 5
  US non-interference, intention to aid Russian military against Germany Lansing to Francis 8 | 5
  Soviet probably unopposed to intervention, but fear German army response Francis to Lansing 21 | 5
  Soviet submission to Germany, possible German agression against Allies at Murman Francis to Lansing 23 | 5
  Explaining US policy: aid Russia against Germany and aid Russian economy Francis to Lansing 25 | 5
  Raising food prices in Petrograd and intervention 'for' Russian people Francis to Lansing 5 | 6
  Soviet weakness, and intervention in support of bourgeois leaders Francis to Lansing 9 | 6
  Allied military, diplomatic progression and address to Russian people Francis to Lansing 4 | 7

On German influence versus Allied influence among Russian people
  Germany willing to aid Bolshevik government Ruggles to WarDep 1 | 5
  Assesment of Trotsky and necessity for Japanese intevention Sharp to Lansing 12 | 5
  Lenin's efforts to remedy famine Poole to Lansing 8 | 6
  White forces disposed to align with Germany Francis to Lansing 19 | 6
  Whites feared to join Germany if allies do not intervene Poole to Lansing 12 | 7
  Possibility of Bolsheviks accept German aid; request clarify Allied intervention Poole to Lansing 26 | 8

On White Armies
  On Semenov and Macgowan; on German advances Summers to Lansing 27 | 4
  Principles of a White group, and justification for intervention Francis to Lansing 11 | 6
  Failing white army and the Red Cross relief shipments Lansing to Francis 6 | 7