On Soviet/German Relations

On German military advances despite Brest-Litovsk Treaty
  German military advances and illegal aide to US buisnesses Poole to Lansing 17 | 4
  Semenov and Macgowan; On German advance Summers to Lansing 27 | 4
  Soviet telegram on German failure to act in accord to Brest-Litovsk treaty Summers to Lansing 1 | 5
  German military domination, and food situation Summers to Lansing 2 | 5
  German/Russian prisoner exchange at Orsha Poole to Lansing 29 | 5

Soviet Government compliance with Brest-Litovsk treaty
  Lenin address on need to retrench while imperialists fight, and Soviet neutraliy Poole to Lansing 15 | 5
  Soviet response to continued German military activity, abolishment diplomatic rank Poole to Lansing 7 | 6
  Soviet warships moving into port in accord to Brest-Litovsk treaty Poole to Lansing 25 | 7

Suspected German/Soviet attempts towards Allied subversion
  Lenin/Mirbach attempt to weaken US alliance with Japan Summers to Lansing 29 | 4
  Growing German influence and declining Allied influence Ruggles to WarDep 1 | 5
  Mirbach note on Soviet propaganda against German occupational forces in Russia Poole to Lansing 8 | 6
  Possible White/German cooperation; and Soviet/German cooperation, and famine Poole to Lansing 22 | 6
  Lenin's refusal to allow German troops to enter Moscow Poole to Lansing 16 | 7