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The America for All



America for All was a short-lived weekly campaign newspaper published by the Socialist Party of America from August through November 1932 in support of the second presidential run of Norman Thomas. A total of 14 issues were produced, all of which have survived, albeit in somewhat damaged condition.

The paper included written contributions by candidate Thomas and his running mate, Jim Maurer, as well as an array of prominent Socialist Party intellectuals, such as League for Industrial Democracy’s Harry Laidler, Heywood Broun, veteran author John M. Work, McAlister Coleman, Powers Hapgood, Harriot Stanton Blanch, and W.E. Woodward.

Worthy of note is an appearance in print in support of the Thomas-Maurer ticket by Oswald Garrison Villard, editor of The Nation, although he was not himself a party member. Villard characterizes Democratic Party nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt as “a kindly, good-natured gentleman who means well” but who is oblivious to the fact that only “fundamental and radical reforms are going to restore the control of this country to the people to whom it belongs.”

The four page publication was richly illustrated with photographs and original art done by Art Young in support of the Thomas electoral effort. Subscriptions were sold although it is likely that circulation was extremely limited outside of Thomas campaign events. Content was focused upon the 1932 election — a race ultimately won, of course, by Roosevelt for the first of his four terms of office.

Tim Davenport
Corvallis, OR
February 2019


No. 1, August 6, 1932

No. 2, August 13 1932

No. 3, August 20, 1932

No. 4, August 27, 1932

No. 5, September 3, 1932

No. 6, September 10, 1932

No. 7, September 17, 1932

No. 8, September 24, 1932

No. 9, October 1, 1932

No. 10, October 8, 1932

No. 11, October 15, 1932

No. 12, October 22, 1932

No. 13, October 29, 1932

No. 14, November 5, 1932



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