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The Progressive Dentist was published between 1912 and 1915 and was a project of the Dentists's Study Group of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. The Dentists' Study Group of the ISS was headquartered in New York City and based among students and alumni of the New York College of Dentistry.

The Intercollegiate Socialist Society, founded in 1905, was non-aligned but in the orbit of the Socialist Party and had an office for several years at the Rand School. In 1911 the ISS had 41 chapters on as many campuses, including affiliates at Wesleyan University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Harvard, Princeton, and Barnard College. In 1921 the ISS changed its name to the League for Industrial Democracy.



Vol I, No. 1, January 1912
The Dental Parlor; Join the Dentists' Study Chapter of the I. S. S.; Editorial; Field Notes

Vol I, No. 2, February 1912
A Plea for a National Law to Regulate the Practice of Dentistry - M . S. Calman; Society (poem); Editorial; Field Notes; College Students, Study Socialism: An Appeal - H. Mendelson; Socialism Defined - C. H. Kerr.

Vol. I, No. 3, March 1912
An Erroneous Decision - L. E. Evslin; Curing Diseases; Editorial; Chapter Activities; The Socialization of Dentistry - W. Mendelson; What Socialist Officials Will Do For Health in Schenectady - G. R. Lunn; Love or Power - S. G. Rich.

Vol. I, No. 4, April 1912
Our Inadequate Dental Laws - A. L. Lappner; Establishing a Board of Dental Examiners - M. S. Calman; Chapter Activities; Editorial; An Act to amend the education law, in relation to the powers, and duties of board of education; How Capitalism Arose - H. Mendelson; Letters to the Editor; Socialism and Public Health - W. R. Shirer.

Vol. I, No. 5, May 1912
Important Notice - J. S. Calman; Immunity and Ehrlich's Side Chain Theory - L. Harris; A few hints in Extraction - M. Friedland; The Dental Parlor - L. E. Evslin; Practical Cases at the Operating Chair - M. S. Calman; Chapter Activities; Editorial; Co-Operation in the Desert - W. J. McGee; What is a Socialist? It is a Man! (poem) - E. W. Wilcox; Democracy and the College - J. T. Graves, Jr.; May and Might - H. Rogoff.

Vol. I, No. 6, June 1912
The M. D., The Dentist and the Alveolar Abcess - M. Green; The Dimslow Interchangeable Facing - E. L. Carr; Oral Hygiene Versus Economic Conditions - L. E. Evslin; A Few Remarks Addressed to the Ethical Members of the Profession, etc. - M. William; Ignorance, The College and Socialism - W. Lippmann; Democracy in the College - S. A. Elliot, Jr.; What is Socialism - W. Mendelson; The Aims of the Progressive Dentist; Why the Rev. Hill?; Notes; Insurance Traps - H. M. Friedman; "Phossy Jaw" Bill Passed.

Vol. II, No. 1, October 1912
Hemophilia - A. S. Calman; Professional Ethics - L. E. Evslin; A Conventional Lie - L. E. Evslin; Occupational Diseases - W. Mendelson; A Suggestion - M. S. Calman; "Call Me Not Naomi" - J. P. Erwin; A Plea for a Powerful Organization; An Appeal to the Students of the Dental Colleges; Why Physicians Should Be Socialists - W. L. Holt; Why Physicians Should Not Be Socialists - J. J. Walsh; Socialism at Michigan University; Physical Defects in School Children; Mourn William Mailly's Death; Note; Letters to the Editor; Dangers of Decayed Teeth.

Vol. II, No. 2, November 1912
The Rafki Gold-Shell Crown - M. M. Rafkin; Personal Identity - P. S. Tartler; Reflections - L. E. Evslin; Dental Clinics in Public Schools - A. Irwin; Editorial; Students, and Students - D. Tabak; What is the Matter With the Medical Profession - J. P. Warbasse; Socialism at Michigan University (Continued); Socialism Explained - G. McClung; Note; The Notorious Rev. Hill; Book Reviews; Letters to the Editor; What is Socialism.

Vol. II, No. 3, December 1912
Unfortunate Conditions - M. J. Emelin; Need of Co-operation of Physician with the Dentist - H. Goldinberg; Extraction of Teeth - S. P. Ratner; The Open-Face Crown - M. M. Rafkin; Editorial; Nationalizing the Medical Professions - W. L. Holt; The Socialist City - M. Hillquit; I. S. S. Fourth Annual Convention; In Crazy Land - H. M. Tichenor; Letters to the Editor; Report of U. S. Bureau of Education; Dental Society News; Students' Department; Note.

Vol. II, No. 4, January 1913
Question of the Hygienic Construction of Artificial Substitutes in the Mouth - H. L. Wheeler; Best Methods of Producing Local Anaesthesia - M. Nevin; Extraction of Teeth (continued) - S. P. Ratner; The Richmond Crown - M. M. Rafkin; Dental Clinic (Schenectady, N. Y.)  - B. H. Kirschberg; Editorial; Socializing the British Medical Profession; The Two Systems  - Plebs; Socialist Ideas Permeating Colleges in the Middle West; Such is Life - P. S. Tarler; Dental Society News; Students' Department; Intercollegiate Socialist Society (announcement); Chapter Activities.

Vol. II, No. 5, February 1913
Dental Asepsis - L. E. Evlin; Steele's Teeth - A. S. Savage; Best Methods of Producing Local Anaesthesia (Continued) - M. Nevin; A Personal Experience With Counsel of the State Dental Society - a D.D.S.; A Plea to Amend the Public Health Law, in Relation to the Licensing of Dentists - C. Mayer; Editorial; Everywhere the Light is Welcome Now - C. D. Thompson; Dental Society News; Federation Notes; Letters to the Editor; Students' Department; Good Fortune Attends Dr. C. E. Field; Dentists for Employees; Note.

Vol. II, No. 6, March 1913
Prosthetic Dentistry As It Is and As It Should Be - L. W. Stryker; The Construction of a Gold Base for an All Porcelain Crown - M. M. Rafkin; Opinion of Sol. Oppenheimer, Justice [of the] Municipal Court of the City of New York, Borough of Manhattan, Sixth District; The Coming Civilization and Dentistry's Place in It  - G. E. Hunt; Silhouettes - D. Tabak; Why Should a Doctor Be a Socialist - A. A. Konikow; Optimism and Pessimism  - A. M. Barnard; Editorial; Book Reviews; Bisexual Cosmogeny - A. H. White; Dental Society News; Students' Department.

Vol. II, No. 7, April 1913
Pyorrhea Alveolaris  - A. M. Birkhahn & M. Green; Amendments to the Public Health Law Relating to Dentistry; Teaching of Mouth Hygiene by Means of Picture Films; Something Doing in the Dental Under-World; Editorial; Dental Society News; Students' Department; Wholesale Conviction of Jewish Dentists; Heredity - P. Haley; On Fixing Blame - T. H. Russell; The Coming Woman - J. Conger-Kaneko; Intercollegiate Socialist Society News.

Vol. II, No. 8, May 1913
Mouth-Breathing A Destructive Habit - M. J. Emelin; Dr. Ottolengui's Panacea - W. J. Ortman; Our Present Dental Laws Are Not Enforced - H. Schwamm; The Dental Parlor and the Illegal Practice of Dentisty - M. S. Calman; Allied Dental Counsel News; Editorial; Dental Society News; The I. S. S. is Growing Steadily in Colleges; Socialism in Colleges Gratifies Victor Berger; Socialism, The Way Out; "Movies" Serving Hygiene; Discernment - P. S. Tarler.

Vol. II, No. 9, June 1913
I Greet You - A. D. C. G. N. Y. - L. Levitt; Another Large-type Ultimatum from the Hand of the "Ethical" - A. E. Berylson; Dentistry in the Talmud - S. Greif; Mouth-Breathing a Destructive Habit (continued) - M. J. Emelin; Editorial; Dental Society News; Allied Dental Council News; Students' Department; Socialism - V. L. Berger; Notes.

Vol. II, No. 10, July 1913
A Pitiful Case of Wrong Treatment - M. Schneer; Important Communications; Hygienists to Hear Talk About Teeth; Mouth Breathing a Destructive Habit (Third Article) - M. J. Emelin; Dentistry in the Talmud (Second Article) - S. Greif; Inevitable Evolution - R. B. McClain; Editorial; Dental Society News; Students' Department; It Won't Work; Report of Organizing Secretary of I. S. S.; Socialism Defended at Harvard Exercises.

Vol. II, No. 11, August 1913
A Call to Arms! - L. Levitt; To Spread School Hygiene; Mouth Breathing a Destructive Habit (Fourth Article) - M. J. Emelin; Dentistry in the Talmud (Third Article) - S. Greif; The Buffalo Congress - A. Lee; The Bill of Assemblyman McGrath; Hemorrhage in Hemophilia - E. W. Scott; The Sacrificed Tooth - G. Ruby; "The Plucky, Tireless Reuben" Again - D. Tabak; Socialism and the Educated Man - H. W. Laidler; Editorial; Students' Department.

Vol. II, No. 12, September 1913
Unusual Reflex Pains - M. J. Schoenberg; Mouth Breathing a Destructive Habit (Fifth Article) - M. J. Emelin; Dentistry in the Talmud (Fourth Article)- S. Greif; The Panama-Pacific Dental Congress; The Sunny Side; Oral Hygiene Committee; International Dental Congress, 1914; Vulgar Species and Therapeutic Superstitions - M. Kahn; Editorial; Students' Department.

Vol. II, No. 13, October 1913
Why Join the Party - V. Scudder; Mouth-breathers, Poem - M. J. Emelin; Facts and Comments - L. Levitt; Sexual Perversion - L. Harris; What Shall I Do - M. Schneer; Real Heroes - Anon; Care of the Oral Cavity - J. Feinberg; Dental Hints - Exchange Editor; Society of Good Cheer; Fuel of the Cities - E. Poole; Dentistry in the Bible - S. Greif; Editorial; Students' Department.

Vol. II, No. 14, November 1913
Post Extraction Pain - M. Nevin; The Ancients and Their Application of the Dental Organs - M. Gromet; Tuberculosis of the Larynx - A. Bardes; Is the Dentist a Social Factor? - M. Schneer; First Woman who got up her Nerve to go to a Dentist; My Mother-in-Law's Teeth - D. M. Lemon; Editorial; Students' Department; Dental Hints; Dental Society News; An Appeal to A. D. C. G. N. Y.

Vol. II, No. 15, December 1913
Minor Oral Surgery - W. J. Lederer; Dentistry in the Talmud (Fifth Article) - S. Greif; The Cotton Brigade - M. Schneer; A Spot Abandoned by Civilization - L. Levitt; Tuberculosis of the Larynx - A. Bardes; The Action of Cannabis Indica on the System - B. Queen; Editorial; Students' Department; N. Y. C. D. - Senior, Junior and Freshman Notes; C. D. O. S. N. Y. - Dedication Notes; Aching Teeth and Mental Reserve - E. Hubbard; Dental Society News - Minutes and Announcements; Intercollegiate Society News.

Vol. III, No. 1, January 1914
Removal of Impacted and Unerupted Teeth - F. K. Ream; Dentistry in the Talmud (Sixth Article) - S. Greif; Orthodontia - A Failure - M. J. Emelin; Items of Practical Value - M. J. Emelin; Asepsis or Antisepsis - M. Green; Tuberculosis of the Larynx (Continued) - A. Bardes; To Well-wishers of the "Progressive Dentist" - P. D.; Editorial; Care of the Oral Cavity in Infancy - J. Feinberg; Students' Department; N. Y. C. D. - Mechanical Steps in Anatomical Articulation - A. L. Seldin; C. D. O. S. N. Y. - Senior, Junior & Freshman Notes; Dental Society News; Dental Hints.

Vol. III, No. 2, February 1914
Awakening - L. Levitt; Relative Merits of Filling Materials - E. T. Darby; Removal of Impacted and Unerupted Teeth - Prof. Darby; Selling Gold Bricks to Dentists - M. Lanes; Discussion by Drs. Hasbrouck, Green, Lederer; The Social Democracy and Germany - K. Kautsky; Editorial; Orthodontia - A Failure (continued) - M. J. Emelin; The Calf Path - S. W. Foss; Must Not Sell Cocaine to Dentists; Kings County Dental Society; Dental Society News.